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October 23, 2017

what a gorgeous fall weekend to have together for the first time in three weeks. i feel like we missed most of october so this warm fall weather was much welcomed. we are adjusting to what we call “the slower life’. in fact im typing this with one hand because otto is finally sleeping in the other. (about 8 hours too late). but sleeping nonetheless. we have to be extra careful at the moment to keep otto healthy. very little to no outings and no crowds. this should be fun seeing that  cold and flu season is upon us.

but weve been finding ways to enjoy this beautiful weather. friday morning i was an idiot and thought the holland farmers market was going on… ive been going to it for 10 years i should know by now its not. it was gorgeous though so we went on  a beautiful walk around town before heading to my moms. i went to the shop for a bit and picked up a few things for dinner before heading home.

we made a nice dinner of chicken and potatoes before calling it an early night (which we should just call a night by now because we go to bed so early now haha)

saturday morning joe and split a pot of coffee no joke and he and otto had a “boys day” at home which basically was hanging out. which is amazing. especially because joe vacuumed up the dead house flies and did the dishes. i finally got to spend a saturday at the store. i priced things, organized and cleaned. it was amazing. after that i stopped at anthropologie you know just to check things out and then grabbed some groceries again before heading home. joe and i made a really good steak with blue cheese butter and acorn squash and watched the great outdoors. for some reason that bat scene is a lot funnier to us than it used to be.

sunday morning we actually had a good nice sleep. otto has a feeding pump now which lets us let him sleep while he feeds and we don’t have to hold the tube anymore. we just have to wake up every three hours to start it. sounds strange but we’ve dumped a lot of breast milk on ourselves falling asleep while holding the feeding tube. since we were up anyway we decided to head for brunch. if we got there early enough we’d be one of the first tables and out before the crowds came. our planned worked flawlessly and we enjoyed a nice quiet brunch together at salt of the earth. we went for a drive looking at all the beautiful changing colors of the trees and ended up at my parents house. we wanted to see my brother and sister in laws new house that was just finished this month. we hung out at my parents for a while before heading to my brothers. the house is gorgeous! it’s fun to see what they designed and picked out. it kind of gave me an itch to build…but then i thought about moving and it was gone haha. but seriously what is it about the smell of a new house? the fresh paint, the new floors, clean carpet… ah smelled so good. we headed home to make it in time for otto’s 3pm meds and feeding and honestly didn’t really leave the couch. the winds picked up and the rain moved in. a few months ago i made a bunch of pizza dough and froze it in individual bags so we made a pizza with gorgonzola, mozzarella, sausage, caramelized onions and apples from our neighbors orchard. the gorgonzola and the apples… omg it was amazing. we finished the night off with a big mug of hot apple cider we had going in the crock pot with homemade whip cream.

it was a wonderful restful weekend which is nice because we have a big full week of doctor appointments.


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  1. Crystal says:

    Would love to know the details of your pizza dough recipe…I feel like I’ve been on the search for the right one…for FOREVER!
    Sending lots of continuous prayers for you all & Otto.

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