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February 26, 2018

i think it takes just a really really bad weekend to make you appreciate and savor the good ones. two weeks ago it was horrible. i had the flu, otto had surgery, we had no hot water. .. i almost don’t want to say it out loud that we had a good weekend for fear that it will turn around the other way again but hey, we had a really good weekend.

friday night my sister and her boyfriend came to sit with otto so joe and i could go out on an official date just the two of us. of course we went to salt of the earth. and while of course most of dinner was spent talking about otter we very much enjoyed some one on one adult time. it’s hard to make time for these nights but they are so so important. especially when kiddos are young to just get on the same page as each other and reconnect, check in and stay a team you know?

we split a bottle of red wine, had extra bread. got crazy for a friday night haha.

saturday morning joe and otto had a guys day while i went to one of my favorite antique stores for their melt down sale and bought a few fun things. i ran about a weeks worth of errands in one afternoon and we gathered back home together at night to eat frozen pizza and watch a movie.

sunday joe worked out in the barns and we did chores together in the morning. i took a bath while otto napped, put away the items i bought the previous day and rearranged some things around the house and just relaxed. it’s weird to stay home so much because honestly never used to do this but i feel for the first time so on top of everything going on in our home that it was nice to dare i say… take a cat nap with otto in the afternoon? i am not a napper 1. usually have a hard time falling asleep during the day 2. i have a hard time with PTSD from otto’s surgery. when i lay down during the day and try to close my eyes everything just comes back to me no matter how hard I try and fight it. 3. i hate waking up from naps. i’m groggy for ever. but yesterday i was so tired because we had an insane wind storm that i couldn’t fight it anymore and took a 30 minute snooze.

at night we ate junk food and watched the women tell all for the bachelor. yes yes it’s pure garbage but i just find it so fascinating the social aspect of it all. i know it’s all edited for drama and tv but fascinating none the less. and that is pretty much where our night ended. oh wait no just kidding. the second we put otto down upstairs he crapped himself in his sleep and was seriously pissed off at us that it required us to wake him and wipe his behind. luckily he fell asleep shortly after. then we all went to sleep. haha.

happy monday friends i hope you are enjoying this sunshine we have here in michigan!


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