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September 13, 2019

What luck to be driving through Brimfield, Massachusetts the same weekend as the Brimfield Antique Show? I swear I didn’t plan this it was just luck! We were driving from Michigan to Portland and we were literally driving right through the show so of course we had to stop. Unfortunately we had a flat tire about an hour before reaching the show but we dropped it off for repair while we shopped. That is strategy if you ask me. The Brimfield show exceeded all my expectations and it was bigger than I ever could have imagined. I can’t wait to go back someday now that I know what to expect.

Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts happens three times a year in Spring, Summer and Fall.

Picture the biggest flea market you’ve ever been to, then times it by 10. It is literally a straight street with fields of shows on each side. Each field has it’s own characteristics and aesthetic but there is still variety within each show. We didn’t even walk through half of it and we shopped from about 10am – 4pm.

There are some paved roads but you will be walking through a lot of dirt and gravel. I highly suggest good walking shoes and layers of clothing. The morning started off really chilly but by the end we were sweating. There is a great place that serves beer, wine and cider out of a big old barn that was fun to take a break at while otto took a nap and for us to take a brain break. There is so much to see!

Silver and Pewter Table $10/Lb

I was also very surprised to see so many varied prices. There were booths that were very affordable and of course some higher end booths. The french linens were just stunning and ranged from $50 and up but the silver and pewter tables were $10 a lb so that made for fun digging!

A lot of booths also accepted credit card which was nice because didn’t bring a lot of cash (wasn’t planning on shopping at the giant market!) I wish that we could have come back the next day because i didn’t buy a ton I was just taking it all in. The next day I started thinking about all the treasure I left behind..and had remorse. I guess I just have to go back.. with a Uhaul…

Antique French Linens

You can drive through the Brimfield show down the main road but it will take you a while. My suggestion is to find one central spot to park and stay there for the day. There are plenty of places to take a break, grab lunch and drinks and kick back and relax while shopping. We had the stroller there also and aside from some pea gravel areas it was relatively easy to navigate around with.

Chairs upholstered in vintage swiss cross blanket

There is not just one “type” of vintage or antique. It is literally a mix of EVERYTHING. Mid century, European, early American and more. It was nice to shop the variety and for the most part I would say it was higher quality vintage but you still have to have a discerning eye for the knock off new items. Most places though made it pretty clear what was new and what wasn’t.

So what did I buy!?! Honestly I had just a great time walking around and looking I was pretty particular. I came home with this AMAZING handmade quilt that was done by an entire village of people. Each family and business has a square. I need to take it to the dry cleaner but i just fell in love with it. I also came home with two mirrors and a couple Ironstone pitchers. (go figure). If you are up for a good road trip I would highly recommend spending some time out there!  Jadeite Table
Layers of turkish rugs at Brimfield Antique Show
Iconic Brimfield Barn

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  1. Celia says:

    What a gem! Jack pot! Those are the best.

  2. Elaine says:

    I was wondering if you had ever been to Brimfield. I have only been twice and I live in Massachusetts.
    It can be overwhelming, 8 football fields overwhelming. Next time I go I want to have a plan rather than wandering aimlessly. Glad you stopped by my neck of the woods. Hope you enjoyed Maine. It is my happy place!

  3. Kelly Roberts says:

    Have always wanted to go. The French linens would have made me swoon!

  4. SandyF says:

    Brimfield is such an adventure. I have been able to go 4 times-I am so lucky. I am from CA and even run into fellow Californians when I was there. Luckily-they had trucks to haul back my loot for. me-that is a good friend! Allow all day per show-and arrive at 5 am, dress in layers, it goes from freezing to hot in the day. Pack food and water, this is serious business folks. Wear junkie shoes as it can be a mud bath. Talk to the vendors, they often have more treasures at home, just ask if you are looking for something special. I met a vendor selling vintage metal grocery signs, and wanted anything with oranges. The next day he met me with two perfect vintage orange crush large signs. They are in my kitchen now. Brimfield shows are a dream, The towns around it are a dream, it is an easy drive in, and an adventure of a lifetime. You will find things there you cant imagine! I am so blessed to have experienced it so many times.

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