winter wonder weekend


December 8, 2017

well we knew it was coming. winter is finally here. we enjoyed those 50 degree days in november and december but now as i drove in to town it was 19 degrees with snow and black ice. winter is officially here. not that i mind it. i know it comes every year and aside from having to drive super slow, i really don’t mind it. i love warm soups, hot fires and cozy sweaters. i just don’t like big blizzards when i have somewhere to be.

this weekend we don’t have a ton of plans. i’m going to be in an event at a local anthropologie tonight and then dinner with some friends. tomorrow we working around the house, i’m going in to the shop for a bit, joe needs to go to cabellas and then we’ll probably head out for dinner.

sunday we are going to take things slow and probably stay in where it’s nice and warm. i might paint otto’s play room in preparation for carpet nothing to super exciting. i’m very grateful for this time of just being “normal” and being home all together.

happy weekend friends!


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