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September 7, 2018

a striped awning and i was hooked. i mean, how adorable is this little shop in petosky, michigan!? when i asked for recommendations of places to check out in northern michigan so many of you told me to check out american spoon. I’m so glad that you did! this shop was charming and smelled delicious and well, amazing. i’m a sucker for a good pantry store and i get even more jazzed when the product is locally produced where i’m buying it from. the best part? they have a location by me in saugatuck, mi! i don’t get down there a whole lot because it’s so busy in the summer time but now i have a valid reason to find a parking spot and shop.

i thin i sampled about half the store but was ready to move in to fall because it was a cold and dreary day while we were out shopping. i make a lot of my own jam so i tried to find some unusual and new items to stock in my pantry. i picked up pretty much anything pumpkin including a pumpkin salsa and a chipolte pumpkin roasting sauce. after we shopped the store for a bit (just long enough to sample hot biscuits and jam) we headed to their little cafe next door.

the cafe next door is simple, local and fresh. serving only cold sandwiches and sides. i got the italian while my mom got the spicy chicken sandwich. we split halves so we each got to try a few things. on the way out i grabbed the best honey gelato of my life. (and i’ve eaten a ton of it in europe). it tasted like cold sweet honey. it was phenomenal. it was such a cute little shop and if you ever find yourself up in the petosky area go visit. otherwise check out their other locations or order online here.

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