exploring bay harbor michigan


September 7, 2018

technically we were here for a conference but i’ll take a conference in bay harbor, michigan anytime. we got to spend an entire long weekend here for the michigan petroleum association convention a few weeks ago. even though it rained almost the entire time we still were able to soak up the beauty of this area. while joe was golfing (you know for work) the tot and i were able to get out and explore a bit until we met up for dinner at night.

the inn at bay harbor is a stunning resort with beautiful views of the bay and within walking distance to the rocky beach and marina. otto and i would take a stroller ride down the path looking for petosky stones every morning while on our way to the marina coffee shop. we then would get ready for the day and go out with my mom to town. the first day we went to charlevoix and i finally got to visit true north design and interiors. owned by CJ and Dan the store is…just perfect. it’s quaint and elegantly styled. i of course came home with a little vintage stoneware jar and my mom and our friend tina bought some adorable leggings and rifle by keds sneakers. we browsed a bit more around charlevoix before heading back to the hotel for dinner. we ended up going to chandlers that night.

the next day we ended up visiting downtown petosky. we easily spent all afternoon there walking around. my favorite stop was american spoon and we ended up eating lunch there. we walked around leisurely shopping not buying a ton of anything really but just kind of taking it all in. honestly.. i’m sorry if this blog post is a little boring but we really didn’t do much of anything except for go for walks around town and the beach. it might sound boring but it was just a perfect place to let our brains rest for a bit. the water is so clear you can see the bottom of the lake forever. the rocks are all flat and full of fossils it’s fascinating to walk the beach and see what you might find.

it was good to get away and get some relaxation in before the end of summer. the inn at bay harbor was in a great location and super kid friendly. the rooms were nice and spacious and had beautiful views. there was so much to do but honestly we just wandered and sometimes that is the best thing for you.

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