An Extra Special Mother’s Day with American Greetings


April 13, 2019

This post has been sponsored by American Greetings. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Mother’s Day is the first day it really feels like summer in Michigan. There is typically a breeze that feels warm on the skin, letting you know that it is chasing away the last remnants of snow and cold. It’s safe to plant in your garden and it’s time to get out the patio furniture. Mother’s Day last year was spent up north with my boys but this year, everyone is home and we are sticking around to celebrate. This year is different though; this is year is special. What better way to celebrate an extra-special Mother’s Day than with some help from American Greetings? I chose American Greetings because they have over 100 years of experience with providing just the right card for the occasion.

Mother's Day with American Greetings

Why is this year’s Mother’s Day so special? Two of my dear friends who have waited so long to become Mothers finally are. One baby has just arrived via adoption and one is almost here! After so many years of waiting, it is going to be so special watching them be honored this Mother’s Day. I want to let them know how happy I am for them, and I am much better with written words than speaking (I tend to get a little emotional). I hit up the American Greetings aisle at Walmart and studied the cards. I wanted a card that wasn’t overly emotional but let them know I was thinking about them on this special time of year.

Mother's Day with American Greetings

One of my friends is a gardener like me, and I found this cute little garden stand card that popped up when it opens. I grabbed a simple card with succulents for my other friend. On my way to the card aisle at Walmart, they had daffodils on sale for $1! So naturally, I bought an armful. What goes better with a card than daffodils? This is the perfect pairing for letting my friends know how excited I am for them and this new step in their life.

Mother's Day with American Greetings

I found a nice quiet place at a coffee shop to write out my cards. I always seem to start too far down into the card and always end up writing on the sides and back, but I managed to get everything out. It was so helpful too to have this ‘What to Write’ page from American Greetings! This year, I have been really trying to let people know how much I appreciate them. This is just a small way I can let my friends know that I am here for them and that I am so happy to be celebrating with them this Mothers Day.

Mother's Day with American Greetings Mother's Day with American Greetings

Mother's Day with American Greetings

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