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April 11, 2019

i saw a meme the other day that summed up michigan perfectly at the moment. it was along the lines that early spring is 80% fall and winter, 10% spring and 10% summer pending the time of day. that leaves me feeling uninspired and confused in how to dress and i am in need of a spring wardrobe refresh. two days ago i was wearing sandals and linen pants. currently, i’m at a coffee shop bundled up in a denim dress, boots (no tights) and a giant sweater. i haven’t been super inspired by much lately in the shops (other than my own of course, is that a humble brag?) however there are a few tried and true places that i have ordered from. some have arrived and some i’m waiting on. almost all are on sale though 🙂

Spring Wardrobe Refresh KJP Dress

lets start with j.crew

my latest package contained this orange skirt which i tried on in navy at the store and if it goes even more on sale (it’s currently 40% off) i might pull the trigger on that color too. the fabric is lightweight but it does run small. i’m usually an 8, 10 in pencil skirts but i went with a 12 in this skirt. the 10 pulled a bit in the front and skewed the buttons a but. the 12 is very comfortable.

Spring Wardrobe Refresh KJP Dress

i also ordered this plaid apron dress to add to my spring wardrobe and i’m hoping to wear it on vacation this week. it’s also 40% off. I stuck with a size 10 and its very comfortable and the length is just long enough where i feel comfortable bending overish in public without giving everyone an unwanted show.

everything full priced at j.crew is currently 40% off with promo code REFRESH and an extra 20% off if you use a J.Crew card using promo code CARDLOVE

Spring Wardrobe Refresh KJP Dress

moving on to shopbop. it’s their big sale and everything is 20% off (25% if you spend $500+) sale ends 4/12. i didn’t order a ton but i did order a pair of jean shorts and jeans from AGOLDE. These are my favorite new brand of jeans. they are comfortable, do not stretch out and are high waisted. however the run very small. I’m typically a 30 in most brands of jeans. pending the material i’m either a 31 or 32. I ordered these shorts in a 32 because i wanted a little extra length. i’ve never been one for shorty shorts. i ordered a 31 in the cropped denim because they are the same material as the jeans i have.

Spring Wardrobe Refresh KJP Dress

this dress from KJP is as usual from them, amazing. if you are looking to support a young creative couple PLEASE check out KJP. They are from the east coast and the designs they make are unique, high quality and have the perfect amount of vintage flair. They’re preppy but still accessible. I ordered this mint colored dress and was excited that the bow was actually a pin so I can change it up as I style it. I went with the large which was a bit roomy (typical size there is a large) but i kept it because i liked the length.

Spring Wardrobe Refresh KJP Dress

the other brand i’ve been obsessed with lately is Gal Meets Glam. you can find these pieces at Nordstrom, Anthropologie or at GalMeetsGlam.com  i have ordered a few pieces from this line and like KJP, have been super impressed with the quality and fit. I recently ordered this jumpsuit and wore it to a wedding. it was so comfy but functional. her april line just launched and i’m already trying to decide which piece to add to my spring wardrobe… i want to order there are so many good ones!

i cleaned out my closet to prepare for our found cottage closet clean out sale in may so i’m making room. that is fair right? anyone else finding some amazing deals or gems around the internet? please share!

Favorite Deals for a Spring Wardrobe

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