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September 27, 2017

having a baby means many many sleepless nights. between feedings, changing and then pumping you have a big of time on your hands around 3am (especially if you have the hands free pumping bra – a true revolution). i have a new(er) bad habit now of ordering stuff at 3am and completely forgetting about it. until it shows up on the porch and it’s like yea!!! presents for me! i sit there and scroll my phone. the alarm goes off time to shop … it’s bad seriously.

the other day i came home and no joke there were four large boxes on my porch and i was like oooo crap what did i do now but turns out they were just all of ottos medical supplies shipped in separate boxes. i’m not kidding like 6 small feeding tubes in one big box, two rolls of face tape in another big box… however this did give me an excuse to joe. i just tell him “medical supplies” every time something shows up. if i don’t know what is in it then it’s not a complete fabrication of the truth (sounds better than lie).

i was “concerned” that i wouldn’t be able to find cute boy stuff … wrong. i keep scouring the internet, instagram and pinterest and i have found a few favorites online and locally.

i have to say my favorite places locally are ecobuns (holland) rebel reclaimed (grand rapids) and of course the found cottage (hudsonville) both carry unique and awesome baby goodies. i especially love ecobuns because they are primarily baby and have great help and educators. (that is where i found my happy baby wrap)

pictured above: eco buns happy baby wrap

online … is where i get into serious serious trouble.

spearmintlove – just take my paycheck already. i order clothes, toys, “equipment” and other goodies. they have every baby brand you could ever think of and they ship super fast.

boden – i usually order for myself here but their baby clothes are just to die for. of course otto needed sailing outfits for all those days he goes sailing on the beach right?

top: boden

romper: boden

fin and vince – this is where i order all of otto’s dapper man knit wear. the quality is amazing and they have awesome sales. they are launching their fall collection today and yes i do have an alert in my phone.

top: fin and vince bottom: alpine baby co

macie and me – we met at the found cottage mercantile market at the beginning of the month. this girl… she has cute stuff guys. it is soon coming to the found cottage! i’m so excited to stock up on more of those adorable leggings.

alpine baby co – my friend wildship studio helped collaborate on those adorable woodland leggings and the trout leggings that otto has. they are crafted with amazing quality and i kind of want to buy the next size up so otto can keep wearing them.

billie blooms – otto has worn these bloomers to death. they look like cute little bootie jean shorts (men wear bloomers all the time) they are so cute and i might stock up on some of their pants for winter. who am i kidding of course i’m going to stock up on their pants.

lulu and roo – adorable sweats for kiddos. i bought a few sweat pants and their hats. great handmade quality and adorable designs.

top: lulu and roo  bottom: billie blooms


between those is typically where my dollars fall. am i missing any amazing sites that you shop at? what are your favorites? any amazing etsy stores i’m missing?

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  1. Angelina says:

    Pink Lemonade in East GR! I like Maci and Me bows! Little Unicorn, Finn and Emma, Cuddle and Kind cute doll/stuffed animals.

  2. Kaci says:

    Our little bun is still in the oven (not for long ), and we’ve gotten ourselves in trouble at Noble Carriage.

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