Blue Floral Clouds Hydrangea Dress From Tory Burch

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August 4, 2021

True story: I rarely buy anything without a coupon. It has to be something like a designer handbag or a brand that doesn’t have sales ever for me to spend. Because almost every brand at some point in the year will mark things down or have a sale. Tory Burch is one of those places that has twice yearly sample sales and seasonal markdowns. The best place to score the best  clothing discounts at Tory Burch is during the sample sales. Dresses like the one i’m wearing (Blue Floral Clouds Hydrangea Cotton Shirt Dress) are originally over $400 and get marked down to anywhere from $80-$120. All sales are final so it helps to know your size in the brand.

Every single piece of clothing I own from Tory Burch is a size 10. Click here for my Tory Burch Fit Guide. I am 170 pounds and five foot four and wear a consistent size 10 or Large and a 9.5 in shoes which is my average shoe size.

Tory Burch Hydrangea Dress

The element that I appreciate most about Tory Burch clothing is the material. It is 100% cotton or 100% silk and extremely well made. I do get my Tory Burch pieces dry cleaned because I feel it prolongs the life of the garment and it’s a bit easier to spring for if I bought the item on sale.

I paired this Tory Burch Cotton Shirt Dress with my Tory Burch Charm Woven Loafer (also on sale). I like the way that the green in the shoe makes the hydrangea leaves pop.

I wore this dress to a breezy day at the farmers market in Holland, Michigan and loaded up on blueberries and peaches. Am I sick of summer fruits yet? Absolutely not. I will never tire of fresh famers market fruits and vegetables.

Belted Cotton Summer Dress from Tory Burch

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