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December 22, 2016

if each room was getting a theme for christmas then this christmas dining room would be called “blue christmas”. i didn’t really have a plan for this room i just know i wanted to do something with velvet and a white tree. the rest just kind of came together from there. i found this little barn made out of reclaimed wood scraps from a local antique store. it was just too cute. it even has a barn quilt painted on it! i thought it could fall into my category of “winter decor”. the little villages are vintage items i already had and the trees i bought last year from my pals at rebel reclaimed.

i guess you could say that i’ve been a little into glittery greens this year. i replaced my cotton stems with a mix of glittered vines and stems. i like how full it looks on my table next to the tree. i just tossed them in a vintage sap bucket i had stored in the screen room. it wasn’t getting any use in there because it’s been so cold!

velvet…. i found these placemats and table runner at pottery barn. i did not need them at all but i was so drawn to the color and texture of them. i love how they look with the preserved evergreen i bought from my friend allison at the store. i think they look beautiful against the velvet and striped napkins.

i chose to go with copper to tie in the velvet on the table and the white in the tree. i found these copper houses at target and thought they could be used all throughout winter and maybe even spring (just take the christmas trees out haha) they looked a little bare on the table so i added a few handfuls of my blue vintage shiny bright ornaments and a few more mercury vases from west elm. the table just looks so shiny and festive!

i only put up about half of my vintage deer collection this year because that is all that would fit on the top of my linen cabinet. these are a mix of plastic and resin deer. anytime i see them at an estate sale i can’t help but pick one up! they change a little bit each year they were made but retain the same stance. they look like my husbands dream heard haha.

i always wanted a white tree but could never pull the trigger. have you seen how expensive faux trees are?!?! they can get up to a couple hundred dollars! I’ve even seen some large ones for $1000! luckily i found this tree (and the bedroom tree) at my local salvation army for $30. they’re not in the most amazing shape but they get the shop done. i added all different shades and textures of copper to the white tree and i love how sleek it turned out.

the only thing this room is missing now is guests for a dinner party! hope you are all enjoying your last few days before Christmas!

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