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June 2, 2016

ok so a little more on our pentwater accomplishments this weekend! cottage wall construction…

just a little background refresher: when we bought the place there were two smaller bedrooms on the first floor. basically one room divided with a frame of 2×4’s and plywood. we took everything down and out and made one “large” bedroom which was originally the entire downstairs of a house. we discovered this house is actually a house and a barn pushed together to make one house. a small addition was later added. what was left of the two bedrooms were the two door frames. we needed a bigger opening (these were abnormally small doors) and to take one of the frames out. easier said than done. the door frames were supporting the ceiling to one of the houses. for that project we decided to call in a builder.
pentwater 4

binks was not a fan of the baby gates. the dog loves human beds. anyways….

we had the builder reinforce the entire wall and supports. better to be safe than sorry. we wanted a three foot opening because instead of installing another door frame we thought a sliding barn door would be way cooler. also nothing in the old house is level so trying to fit another door frame to crooked walls would be a bigger project than we cared to tackle. also sliding doors are cool. and it gives me a reason to shop for a barn door. even though i have like thirty in my hoard.

so here it is with no paneling up just the framing that we had builder friend do. we were SO thrilled to have something sturdy and straight (all things considered) to hang the rest of the walls to. it was probably some of the best money we’ve spent on this cottage. just getting that kind of stuff done right makes the rest of the DIY process so much easier.

pentwater 1

the rest of the weekend we spent hanging the paneling up and building the walls. we have just a few more sheets to go and then all of the walls will be up! then we can start painting and trimming… then we might just be almost done! (until we re do the steps of death to the loft).

pentwater 3

penthouse 2

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