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June 1, 2016

i am always skeptical about ordering from sites i’ve never heard of. i knew that when we put the dark siding i wanted something shining for the lighting to really pop against that gunmetal gray. i googled “outdoor copper lighting” and about halfway down the google page i found the lights i needed. like needed.
copper lighting 2

it was from the site and the picture was perfect. the price was awesome… i couldn’t resist! i placed an order. that is when about a week later i got the “on backorder” notice. i knew that we were not going to be able to get to them anytime soon because of the winter weather. i’m a mean wife but i’m not mean enough to make my husband do outdoor electrical in the winter. after a few months of waiting (i knew it was going to take that long) they arrived. and i was THRILLED.
copper lighting 1

the lights were excellent quality and were exactly as described. the install went awesome once we finally got electric to the exterior wall…. and even though it took us an entire saturday to figure out, i’d say it’s worth it. now just to paint the porch and clean up the landscaping! (don’t mind all the construction garbage on the front porch!)

what do you think?
copper lighting

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  1. Becca says:

    Hi, I just discovered your blog (linked from from somewhere that has now completely slipped my mind) and I love it and I especially love the color of this house! Since I’m new here, I’m not sure of the history of this, but I’m wondering if that is truly dark grey siding or did you paint it? I’m looking for dark siding colors, so if it’s that, could you let me know where you got it or the brand?

  2. Jennifer G says:

    Love love love it!! It looks so good against the dark siding. Ordering from sketchy places always makes me skeptical too.. but I’ve also had some good results!

    • what other places have you tried? I just placed an order with some random site for sliding barn door hardware. stay tuned!

      • Jennifer G says:

        I haven’t had a chance to order from random places as far as house things goes. However my sister ordered a prom dress last year from some random China website for $60 bucks and it looked amazing! I was convinced that it was going to come looking super cheap. It’s places like that that I question, but it worked out that time!

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