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May 25, 2016

my name is abby and i’m a plant hoarder.

plant sources


i also have no plans for recovery.

once the spring air hits i start making the rounds (usually over my lunches) to stop at my favorite greenhouses for something new, interesting, heirloom and unique.

yesterday over lunch a few of my pals from the found cottage and i, hightailed it to a wholesale only greenhouse to gather some greens for home and store displays. because lets be honest, everything looks better with a splash of green.

i have been scouring farmers markets and local greenhouses for years so i thought i would share a few of my favorites.
plant sourcesSources for topiaries: to find these topiaries at retail establishments there are a few in grand rapids as well as in holland. dann and chip over at rebel reclaimed using have a handful scattered around their store or of course there is always horrocks in kentwood that carries mass quantities of them. one of my favorite sources is to purchase from the grower themselves. you have to head to the holland farmers markets on wednesdays and see joyce. she grows, plants and decorates with all sorts of european style plants and topiaries. i seriously buy one from her like once a week. plus she is so sweet.

favorite hanging baskets: J & W Greenhouse Holland (and allendale). I have only been to the holland location. two years ago i bought ferns called “Macho Fern” they are GIANT. Expensive yes but they stayed alive all season and were absolutely stunning. hands down the best place to find hanging baskets.

plant sources

flowers: I go several places to find flowers. i love grand rapids fulton street market for perennials (usually towards the north end of the market) and the holland market for annuals. i don’t know why that is but it always seems to work out that way. i also stopped at a greenhouse recommended by my friend dann and i ended up knowing exactly who they were! when i lived in hudsonville i went to church with the medemar and they live across the street from my uncle terry! small world. i found some great starter flowers there as well as some awesome vegetables.

vegetables: as mentioned above i really enjoyed the selection from medemars (and the price) but there are a few favorite favorite people i cannot leave out. there are two women who grow organic heirloom vegetables at the fulton street market. and i am obessed. i usually buy way too many tomatoes and when i think i haven’t bought enough i head to the muskegon farmers market and buy more tomatoes there from the guy who has like 3 huge hay wagons full of every kind of heirloom tomato you could possibly think of.

herbs: last but not least of course. i swear i have three separate herb gardens. (we use a ton in the summer!) i am bound and determined to save them for winter too. there is a gentleman with longer blond hair at the fulton market that is all the way to the north side of the market. he sells amazing organic spray free herbs. i have had such good luck with them year after year and even the perennial ones grow huge! my other favorite person in the world is the gentleman who sells on wednesdays at the holland street market called 4 acre farm. my friend laura and i love him. we visit him on wednesday mornings when we go to the market before work. when ever you leave and tell him have a great day he always responds with “with the lords help you have a blessed day!” we. love. him.

that should be a great place to get you started. there are SO many amazing little local greenhouses and growers i encourage you to just stop and browse and talk to the owners. they have the best information, tips and tricks for having a successful garden and landscape!
plant soures

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  1. tiffany j says:

    Hi Abigail,

    What is the name of the greenhouse, pic shown above, third picture down from the top? They have a huge inventory of topiaries/ herbs I’m interested in.


    • Hi Tiffany!

      That greenhouse is wholesale only. You can find their products available at Horrocks in battle creek, lansing and grand rapids/ kentwood.

      There is a great lady that sells topiaries at the holland farmers market. Her name is Joyce I would check her out!

  2. Shelley says:

    have been looking for a good wholesale source for some plants. Can you share the name of the one you visited?

  3. Shawn says:

    I’ve gotta check some of these out. Hadn’t heard of medemars. I need to tag along on one of your wholesaler trips next time. I had great luck this year at Arlen Schut greenhouse on Van Buren. One of the things I noticed (over many plants that I’d purchased in the past) is that they weren’t so root-bound. I feel like in the past my perennials have been so root-bound where you really have to loosen up the roots and soil before adding them to containers. These just seemed healthier to me for some reason. I was impressed. You’ll have to check them out if you haven’t been.

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