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February 25, 2016

all my bags are packed. i’m not really ready to go back to the snow but i am excited to go sleep in my own bed. and i honestly need to eat lettuce for the next 3o days so i can at least fit back into my leggings. i thought i would give a little run down of everywhere i went in dallas in case y’all ever wanted to check it out. here is your dallas wrap up!

stores i stopped into:
magnolia market waco, texas
gypsy wayon dallas, texas
buc-ees truck stop ( i know it sounds ridiculous but even if you are not in the convenience store industry you have to check this out!)

places i ate:
velvet taco
the porch (meh)

last night my coworker misty and i went for our last meal at sissys southern kitchen. again a repeat of where we went last year. BUT ok i usually don’t go back to places i’ve been while traveling because it’s like an ex boyfriend mentality. the longer you are away or time separates you from the fried chicken the better you make it in your mind. then when you go back and it’s not as good it’s disappointing. but i have to say all the places we went back to (velvet taco, smoke and sissys) were still phenomenal!


sissys had some of the best fricken fried chicken i have ever had. it was served with mashed potatoes and cream gravy, coleslaw and mac n cheese and this amazing hot sauce. it was crispy and crunchy and seasoned to perfection and i’m really glad i didn’t order the bucket because i would have been sick as a dog from not being able to stop eating it.

the drink menu at sissys was also fantastic with several kinds of teas and punches. i opted for the hibiscus infused punch. usually i’m strictly a wine gal but you know when in rome… never mind my weird 80’s bangs. nobody knows me here. and i didn’t do my hair. because i didn’t want to. because i don’t sleep well in hotels. so i don’t do my hair.

because you know fried chicken isn’t enough we started out with these little hot buns and pimento cheese. it was spicy as heck but i couldn’t help myself. i love pimento cheese.

when “better than sex” cake is on the menu… you order it. to share at least.

some of my favorite things i ordered at velvet taco (now in chicago!) are the paneer indian taco, the shrimp and grits taco and the rotisserie corn and the red velvet cake. you guys the red velvet cake is this brick of delicious with the most amazing cream cheese frosting layered in and butterscotch drizzled on top. it was pure, absolute, heaven. not to mention the adorable ambiance (it’s in an old gas station / auto body type place).

oh i forgot we got a side of tots. with a goat cheese creme….and a fried egg on top.


hint: velvet taco is right across the street from sissys and gypsy wagon (sissys offers free valet if you eat there)

last but not least the only other “store” i could make it to (that wasn’t a convenience store) was the gypsy wagon. oh ma gawd people. this store is insane.

it’s so inspiring to go visit other creatives stores and see what they are up to. the displays were impeccable. each place had it’s own department and it was very well organized. a perfect mix of home, accessories, gifts, paper and clothing. i could have shopped there for a few hours. i bought these amazing ceramic bowls and mugs that are made to look like rusty enamel. they were gorgeous and i actually got them to fit into my suitcase. i wrapped them in anything i can find. pray they make it home safe!
i would love to come back here and have 100% leisure and exploring time instead of jetting in and out between work. i honestly could live here… if my husband, sheep, dogs, chickens and store could come with me.

be back in michigan hopefully tonight! can you ask them to clear the runway for me? oh and brush the snow off my car. happy thursday!

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  1. Joyce says:

    You could at least take us sad, snow fatigued people with you! If my hair looked THAT good, I would not wash it either! 🙂 And I am trying not to be jealous……….sigh……Oh, that chicken!!

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