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February 24, 2016

yesterday….i got to go to magnolia market. it was amazing. it was everything i expected it to be. it was beautiful and i have never been into a store where i walked in and felt like every piece gave me an insight on who that person was. yesterday at the conference we spent the morning touring convenience stores and last year we didn’t make it to a few that were the big playas (ummm buc-ees… those things are INSANE) we planned our route and lucky for us magnolia was right smack dab in our way. lucky us!


we could see the silos from a mile away. on camera they look a lot taller but the place was so charming (and still a bit under construction) i hope I can make it back in a few years and see the progress. the silos are having a large stage built in front of them and there is a giant lawn with a beautiful black iron fence enclosing the entire property. there are the most adorable food trucks lining the entire gate (none were open because it was 5pm and freezing cold) then to the side is the giant old warehouse/grainery market. it was stunning i mean absolutely stunning. each and every piece seemed place exactly where it needed to be and placed by jojo. (i admit it i’m obsessed)

from the well curated shop was steps down into a bigger warehouse area that was packed full of florals and items that were on sale. it seems like they have other events going on in there but were using it as retail for the time being. in that same portion behind the curtains was a massive shipping warehouse filled with the most stylish shipping folks i’ve ever seen. the employees there were so helpful and sweet another true reflection of the store and what it represents.
magnolia10there were other adorable shops in the area that we quickly breezed through but we were on a limited time schedule so we were kind of in and out…not before i jammed up my phone with pics.

if you get a chance to go check it out i highly highly recommend it. it was totally doable on a tuesday night. the employees said it gets insane on friday and saturdays so if you are going there to legit shop..check it out during the week 🙂

happy wednesday!
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  1. Shawn says:

    All of the heart eyes So envious. I must get to Texas. It’s been on my list even before Magnolia Market but this tops the Texas bucket list for sure. If only you could take all the great finds back with you on the plane.

  2. Sue Piers says:

    Abby thanks for all the pictures and for sharing! Curious what did you bring back fro m there??

    • I tried to find things that were unique to magnolia. I bought a tea towel with johannas grandparents donut recipe printed on it, a magnolia t shirt, a vintage milk bottle and a few other knick knacks.

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