bigger in texas


February 23, 2016

everything is bigger in texas right? i guess that explains my expanding waistline the first 24 hours i’ve been here. my coworker misty and i had a pretty seamless flight for once (knock on wood) and got into dallas around 3pm est and out on the road by 5pm. i used priceline to rent our car back in january and i got us a mustang convertible for $40/day! maybe it’s because nobody that lives in dallas drives a convertible in february when it’s 60 degrees. but we are from michigan and this is the tropics to us right now.


after we checked into the hotel we jetted straight out to Smoke for dinner. i’m super lucky to be traveling with a coworker that likes to eat as much as i do. we went to smoke last year and it was the one restaurant we said we HAD to go back to. there are so many good ones to try around here that you can’t just go back to the same ones. we only had three nights. we are going to hopefully get to one called the porch tonight but back to smoke. first off you can buy their cookbook which is amazing. second off i have been dreaming about their woodshed margarita since last year when i had it.


it’s a fancy cocktail right? no premade store bought mixes BUT they use a smoked tequila that adds a whole new dimension to the drink. it counter balances some of the sweetness that margaritas can sometimes have. it’s….. amazing. misty and i got the exact same dinners we got last year too. pimento cheese croquettes, coffee rubbed briskit, the strip and hominay casserole. i seriously was so full my leggings felt tight.


we were honestly so full we went back and crashed. i don’t even remember talking to joe on the phone last night. today we are off to do some store tours (convenience stores) and of course more big texas eating. but to my credit i did jump on the treadmill for the first time in ages this morning. balance right?

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