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September 29, 2016

last week i finally took down all of my summer items. well, because it wasn’t summer anymore but mostly because i let all the plants under the porch dry up and die. it was time for them to be replaced. plus i was ready for pumpkins with all of the adorable stuff making it’s way into the found cottage. that is one major plus to being a shop owner…all the good stuff just gets brought to you. we have the most talented artists at our store and i get so energized by working with their creations.

Early Fall Porch Decor

the gather sign i purchased earlier this summer but i think it just keeps transitioning from season to season. i love the idea of gathering around on my front porch. in fact we did this summer when natalie came and taught a pickling class. the black against the white brick just creates such a statement and i love that the statement is one of coming together.

Early Fall Porch Decor

we have two artists that create signs in our shop. both of their initials are H.H. try keeping that straight. it should be easy to do because their styles and creations are so different. at least their business names are completely different. the pumpkin for sale sign and the metal pumpkin sign are both made by hollyhocks and hydrangeas (and available at the shop). i love that she went non traditional and painted heirloom pumpkins this year. they’re so whimsical! 
Early Fall Porch Decor

the pumpkins were an absolute steal at countryside greenhouse in allendale. the heirlooms were 5/$20 so naturally i loaded my car so full a mum blew out the back of my truck on the highway. you win some you lose some. but seriously mums were $2 and $5 you can’t beat that! i bought all of the pumpkins and mums on my porch for $100. which seems like a lot but if you keep them watered and the pumpkins out of the rain they should last you well into thanksgiving.

Early Fall Porch Decor

Early Fall Porch Decor
Early Fall Porch Decor
i was so mad that i forgot to put out my propane tank pumpkins last year. when we moved we kind of just left everything in the barn and i totally forgot about the propane pumpkins! i bought them from a flea market like 5 years ago and always wished i would have bought more. lucky me i found the guy back and he sold us some for the found cottage! (we have about 6 left). i thought they were such a creative way to use something that otherwise just goes to waste.

Early Fall Porch Decor

Early Fall Porch Decoras the season goes on i’m sure i’ll continue to add things to the porch but this is the “early fall” version. ps today i can finally wear a sweater and boots so this set up feels a little more appropriate now.

Early Fall Porch Decor

Pumpkin Signs: Hollyhocks and Hydrangeas VIA The Found Cottage
Gather Sign: Feather and Birch VIA The Found Cottage
Propane Pumpkins: The Found Cottage
Pumpkins and Mums: Countryside Greenhouse

Everything else is flea finds 🙂

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  1. Chealsey says:

    seriously! I love how this looks! Greant inspiration!


  2. Gabriela says:

    Hi Abby, your fall porch looks great! I love it!!! And thank you so much for sharing info on the pumpkins 😉 I hope to come in the store soon to see the propane tank pumpkins too!

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