a family weekend with otto


October 2, 2017

this weekend will be our last weekend home as a family of three for a while as we gear up to hunker down and get otto better. it was a weekend where we were very intentional about everything we did, even when we were not doing anything at all if that makes sense. we rested, we prepared and we soaked up as much time together as we possible could. it was relaxation mixed with preparation. both joe and i just trying to not think about what we have to do this week. we were pretty determined to put it out of our minds as much as possible at least for the weekend.

friday night we were home by 7pm with pj’s on eating chinese take out in our bedroom watching a movie with otto snuggled in between us. honestly this is becoming a ritual that i just love. we call our bedroom now the cave because we spend most of our time there eating, sleeping, reading … we still haven’t started changing diapers in here though haha. but we just snuggle in and try to get as much rest as possible. needless to say we called it an early night friday.

saturday morning we woke up to feed otto and i went to get a pedicure with my friend taylor. it was so so hard to leave the house and my snuggle boys but seriously my feet were absolutely disgusting (my last pedicure was the week otto was born) and it was going to be a while before I could get out to get another one. and honestly some hot coffee and girl time was just what my brain and heart needed. there has been so many lessons taught to me during this entire process and even motherhood in general and one of the biggest has been the important of good good friends. after our pedicures we headed our separate ways to tackle the weekend tasks. i stopped in to a few shops in gaslight village and bought the cutest tote bag from this shop called duffield lane. it’s a store right in gas light village (and also online) she designs the clothes and they are sold all over the u.s. but shes from grand rapids and opened a store in her home town. the tote has little plaid thermoses all over it. had to have it.

after that i headed into my store and hung out with the gals for a bit. it was such a nice beautiful saturday at the shop. everyone was in such a good mood and it was fun to just be there for a bit.

i got home shortly after lunch and picked up a little bit before we headed out to my parents cottage for pizza. we really wanted to go for a beach walk but we got there too late (ended up needing an oil change and prescription pick up).

we got home late and both could barely keep our eyes open. well… just long enough to give otto his midnight feeding before falling asleep.

sunday morning we both just stayed in bed after feeding otto at 6am and read, snuggled and enjoyed the beautiful fall morning. i eventually did some laundry and dishes and joe cleaned out the animal stalls before we headed to brunch at salt of the earth. i had the BLT breakfast sandwich which is insanely good. pork belly, lettuce, tomato jam nom nom nom. we were going to go to virtue cider after but they had a huge event and we still have to stay away from large crowds so we just headed home. we stopped at our neighbors orchard and picked up apple cider and apples.

i headed back into grand rapids to pick up ottos prescriptions that they didn’t have ready yesterday and some last minute groceries. his meds have to be compounded and it takes forever and only certain pharmacies will do it. i drove there and back because i just wanted to be home. joe tried his hand at turning apple cider into hard cider and i put up a few fall decorations in our dining room. it’s been the same since last christmas so it made me feel good to be a little creative and update things.

we ended the night by making a blue cheese and butternut squash frittata for dinner and then i made homemade caramel sauce for apples and ice cream. (don’t ask me about how it was supposed to be a caramel apple tart) (stupid puff pastry crust).

we ended the weekend pretty much how it started, eating caramel apple ice cream in bed before sleeping (we use that term loosely now) haha.

it was a wonderful weekend as a family that i am so so grateful for.

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