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March 16, 2016

the farmhouse kitchen will most likely be the last room in the house we make it to. mostly because kitchens are SO stinking expensive. we don’t need to replace any cabinets or things like that. it is mostly sink, tile and lighting. so it won’t be as bad as it could be (unless we decide to you know make the entire kitchen out to the screen room) that is for another day though.

Sidenote: my house is always cluttered. pay no mind to the plant in the sink or the dishes drying.

the kitchen is it’s own room and flows out to a little eat in area then out to the screen room. it’s kind of a tricky space because the eating area is narrow and long and leads to another room so you have to have a table small enough to walk around it. the issue we have with the sink is there is no back splash. when you wash a bowl and have the water on too hard it sprays out on to the dining chairs. i think a different faucet might solve the trick for now. my dream is the solid brass faucets from rejuvenation but…. i can’t spend $1000 ish on a faucet. at least not with joe knowing. i need something that the nozzle can separate from and spray deeper into the sink. thinking through it now… a brass faucet is a lot cheaper than blowing out that part of the kitchen…. decisions decisions.

farmhouse kitchen

another to do is the lights. while they are pretty cool they are too big for where they hang. to the far left (not pictured) you can’t open one of the cupboards all the way because it bangs into the light. i would like something a little more simple (and bright) the domes do not really allow for a ton of light to shine through. also i would like to change out the knobs on the cabinets as well as paint the ceiling white. it’s a tin ceiling and would look much brighter white.

farmhouse kitchen 3

i love the floor tile in here. it reminds me of my grandmas restaurant and it hides all the crap i spill on it. well it does until you clean it and realize that it was THAT dirty. the only think i think the stove top area needs is the tile. i’m not a fan of the black and white checked. i thought about trying a tile paint on it but with a high heat area i thought best to just clean everything out and do a new black splash. maybe some kind of subway tile… i know i know! what do you think? tile suggestions?

what do you think? suggestions for some simple fixes?


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  1. Corinna Gallagher says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this whole space – subway tile would be great, or (fixer upper junkie here) those amazing cement tiles with the fabulous designs on them that they have now – maybe in a black and white/soft grey and white behind the stove???? Not sure if that would be to busy with the floor tile…Really could do a lot with the color scheme – even a pop of color back there if you can/want to commit to an accent color.

  2. Hi Abby – I am just down the road in Hastings and would be happy to work with you on the lights. I make custom lights from found objects and recycled materials, and have a TON of farmhouse style raw materials from which to create something unique (as well as simple and bright). Here are some of my past creations to give you an idea: I still need to get to The Found Cottage so we could even have a chat there 🙂

  3. Trisha says:

    This is such a beautiful space. I dream of big white open cabinets where you can see our stuff. I don’t have any suggestions just some heart eyes for all of this!

  4. Megan Myers says:

    I love this! My husband and I live in a farmhouse in VA and we LOVE it! Kitchens are so stinkin’ expensive it’s ridiculous. I actually love the floor tiles, they add a lot of character! I would stick with a simple subway tile back splash to go with it. Wish you all the luck!

  5. Samantha Thrall says:

    Tabarka tile or white subway tile with dark groute!

  6. Julie Sosnowski says:

    Abby, when we lived in the farmhouse, the tin ceiling was red and it was beautiful with the black and white. I was so sad when i saw someone had painted it.

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