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March 15, 2016

i so wish i could be one of those minimalist all white home bloggers. i can’t i’ve tried. i’ve failed. i love color. i love bright colors, i love dark colors, i love all the colors together. in my last home i went with a lot of cooler tones (blues, grays,etc) with pops of yellow and this time it has been oranges, dark grays, black with pops of coral and now green. i had this table in our old house. it was my very first furniture purchase as an adult and i bought it from my friends chip and dann at rebel reclaimed right when they opened. i decided to paint…this high gloss green table.

High Gloss Green Table

High Gloss Green Table

i don’t think i will ever get rid of this table. it’s midcentury, its slim and tall… it fits perfectly everywhere. i have a tendency to fill every room i can with as much furniture as possible but the dining room needed a buffet style piece. sometimes i over decorate my table and you need an actual place to put the serving dishes of food. this table really fit perfectly into that spot but the old aqua/teal color and orange handle did not work for this house anymore.

i went back to my pal dann who is honestly, a color genius and he helped me pick out the color (probably because he got sick of my millions of texts with the wrong color). i went to benjamin moore and bought just a small pint can and a roller and had joe go to work. (i suck  at painting). it has to dry still (after a few days) because the high gloss takes forever! it was still tacky when I was taking the pictures.

anyways, what do you think of this little pop of color?

High Gloss Green Table

High Gloss Green Table

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