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March 7, 2017

let me just start out by saying…maternity clothes are butt ugly. i do not want to wear a shirt that says “i swallowed the watermelon seed” or any stupid crap like that. which seems to pop up every time i google “cute maternity clothes”. seriously does everything have to be so kitschy? i feel like actual maternity clothes make you look even more pregnant than you actually are. at least it seems that way. however i am to the point where my body is abruptly starting to change. i guess we are almost to the halfway point so makes sense. i’m used to gaining this much weight (so far 8lbs) in like a year not what seems like overnight. not to mention (if you are my dad or brother please stop reading here). my boobs now are like all national geographic. i swear i gained the 8lbs just in my top half. i went to get remeasured because i seriously broke my normal bra from stretching it. i went from a C to a DD in 18 weeks. they also hurt. i bought some boobie cream i read about on line that is supposed to keep the skin tight and stretch mark free so we will see how that goes. but right now they are a little freak showish. but that is a discussion for a different day as the search for a comfortable boulder holder continues.

today we are talking about some of my new favorite finds for non maternity, maternity clothes. it’s kind of difficult to shop lately with the understanding you are just going to get bigger. waistlines will not stay at your waistline and skirt lengths will probably hike up as you expand leaving certain trends in the dust. (bye bye jump suits) however i have found a few favorite go to’s lately to get me by. and if all else fails… purses always fit.


jcrew – i have found some awesome knit pieces at jcrew and jcrew factory. i’m hoping these will get me to summer and then hopefully a bit after baby comes. i bought them in a size up so they are a little larger at the moment but luckily have room to grow. i bought this dress in navy and in red because it’s seriously one of the most comfortable things ever. i had bought last years versions in my normal size and wore them to death last summer and they still look brand new. it’s easy to just throw on and go with a pair of my favorite loafers. i also love the long sleeves because michigan can be a bit tricky in the spring with it’s cool mornings and hot afternoons.

i also bought this dress from jcrew because i wanted to get into at least one new spring trend and i feel like off the shoulder is something i can pull off. at least i hope i can. that would mean my shoulders would just have to remain somewhat normal size. is it even possible for shoulders to get bigger?

pilcro by anthropologie – clearly i don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for new pants to wear for a few months. i’ve not committed yet to the elastic waistband either at the moment. i bought a pair of these pilcro pants in a size up and loved them so much i bought them in khakis two sizes up. (wearing them today). if you keep your eye on the anthropologie sale pages you can usually find them in different colors on sale. i scored the khakis for $19.99 and the jeans for $40 which i thought was a steal. they fit super comfortable but don’t have a ridiculous amount of stretch so they still look structured. the high waist fits right over the bump for now. i feel like i’ll be able to get at least 4 months out of these pants and then some more post baby. at that $40 price point you can’t go wrong.

free people – have this dress thank you free people for making flowy flowy clothing. i in last years colors and i’m loving this new bright and vibrant coral color from this years collection. the only thing about free people is you have to be a little careful because some things that look pretty and flowy come and they are absolutely giant lol. i usually look for something that is flowy but has some sort of structure to it. the elastic waistband on this dress is perfect for a growing bump (and hopefully expanding bust line) (stay tuned).


i’m hoping to get out and about this weekend to look for a few more key pieces as i can’t (at least shouldn’t) just keep wearing the same few pieces over and over again. anybody else have some secret sources they love for cute maternity clothes?

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