i don’t know anything about babies


March 2, 2017

yesterday i was a total loser and had my appointments confused. ultrasound is in about a week and yesterday was just a normal check up. i went in to the office and the nurse handed me a tiny strip that looks like it tests the chlorine levels in my pool. she showed me to the room and i waited for the doctor. nurse came back in to check my blood pressure and make sure i wasn’t smoking. she then goes “oh you still have the stick! you didn’t go to the bathroom?” i told her that i didn’t know what i was supposed to do with it and i don’t just assume that i’m supposed to pee on everything. it was at that moment i realized.

i know nothing about babies.

photo: leah mullett 

i haven’t changed a diaper in like 10 years with the exception of my nephew a few weeks ago where i put him in my bathtub and just hosed him down before putting a fresh diaper on him. this was after he escaped and fell poop butt first on my tile floor and refused to lay back down to finish getting changed.

i have the books, i have the resources from the websites and doctors but i’m just like…. this stuff comes naturally right? i mean nobody taught me how to grow my garden or keep a puppy alive… kids can be kind of a learn as you go right?

the thing is you are raising a human that is going to be going out into the great big world and impacting people, hopefully in a positive way.

i don’t know something just struck me yesterday as i was a little embarrassed that i didn’t automatically know to pee on a stick. i feel like i don’t automatically know anything. i feel like i made major steps the other day because i bought stretch mark cream and boob serum (supposed to keep them perky i dunno stay tuned).

i don’t really know where i am going with all of this just sharing in a moment of a little panic. i guess there are a lot of people in the world so obviously people are figuring it out right?



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  1. Nancy Tolley says:

    My babies are teenagers now but I remember coming home from the hospital thinking the SAME thing, “I haven’t changed a diaper in forever and you guys are letting me leave with this baby girl? Are you crazy?!?” Ha! I
    Just listen to your Moms and your Grandmas (for wisdom) and your girlfriends (for your sanity!)

  2. Mandy says:

    I wouldn’t have known what to do with the stick either! They just make me pee in a cup and they do the dirty work! Don’t be too hard on yourself! Trust me! We are all just a bunch of people trying to make it look like we know what we are doing!

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