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February 28, 2017

so this morning is off to a stellar start. (insert sarcasm here) i went to the gym around 6:45 (good) went to the dentist (not my favorite) then discovered that some loser has spent about $10k in amazon coins and bought video games as well (super sucky) after searching high and low for some sort of assistance on amazon i finally had it all refunded. not the ideal tuesday morning folks. but anyway… the gender neutral nursery search continues. mostly because i can’t pull the trigger on anything. maybe it’s because it’s kind of super fun searching around for ideas… or that i’m a major project starter and have to force myself to finish things. regardless… i’ve had this other idea for a long time.

i love the idea of doing a gender neutral cowboy/cowgirl nursery. i was inspired by this super cool paint by number i found of a cowboy in the sunset. and it all just kind of spiraled from there. it’s also a great excuse to buy those buffalo check curtains (because i loveeee buffalo check everything).

  1. crib
  2. horse
  3. tent
  4. pillow
  5. curtains

now before you go saying this is too masculine in case it’s a girl think of dolly parton, patsy cline, loretta lynn etc. more western a bit than cowboy… it’s a lot different than my other nursery inspiration…. i have one more idea before i start pulling the trigger on anything but what do you think?

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  1. Baileywife @Irishman Acres says:

    I love them both… I know, not helpful! Can’t wait to see option 3!! Kim

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