final day in montreux


June 20, 2015

we leave our little lovely hotel in montreux today and head to our next adventure in gruyere! i’m super nervous because we are renting a car and driving from montreux > geneva > gruyere > florence > chianti > rome (dropping car off at rome airport). say a little prayer for us if you think of it!

yesterday joe had the important financial meetings so i took a day by myself. i started off trying to resist the bread while having espresso but you all know (if you follow my instagram) how that turned out. after that episode i caught the bus in to vevey. i walked along the lake path and grabbed a hot goat cheese sandwich with honey, figs and proscuitto. i finished my lemonade and sandwich and headed to the food museum. it was a little heavy on the science of food and lighter on the history side but it was still fun. plus the garden was incredible.

after that i went and bought some more cheese and yogurt. seriously, the yogurt is incredible. i know it’s weird but it’s amazing and thick and tart. i started walking back and when the water path ended i caught the bus back. i stopped at the store and bought some swiss wine and strawberries and ate them on the deck while reading until joe got back.

once joe was done with his meetings we took one last walk along the lake for ice cream and to the freddie mercury memorial. it was pretty cool there were flowers all around the statue and a man playing the piano of all queen songs from memory. it was pretty cool. we found a little market happening off to the side and i bought a tiny vintage flier for milk as a souvenir.

we headed back to get ready for the final group dinner at this amazing auditorium. they had a group of people playing the alphorns and then the entertainment was people playing cowbell melodies. it was pretty cool!  now here we are ready to road trip it through europe!

wish us luck!

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