Saturday in Gruyere


June 21, 2015

Yesterday we left montreux and headed back to geneva to pick up our rental car. after finally making it out of the city (that was really scary) we decided to take the path through france over to gruyere. i know it was like a major major back track but we wanted to see the french side of the lake and it was again, gorgeous.


we stopped in a small town of yvoire in france known for it’s flowers and fish. two of my favorite things! the buildings are historic so you have to park and walk (not far) into the village. we had a lovely perch lunch with lemon butter and a glass of wine. we checked out some antique stores (i bought some handwritten french recipe cards) and some amazing caramel fleur de sal gelato. after walking around and checking out the buildings we climbed back in to the car and off into the mountains we went again. things were going smoothly until we got to the french swiss border again and the agent didn’t speak english. we just said no no no to his questions said we were from the united states and off we went again.

we made it to gruyere at about 5:00 up in the mountains. we had no idea but apparently the medieval celebration is going on by the small castle so we hope to tour that today (sunday). there is also the gruyere cheese factory. the entire town smells like cheese. it’s fantastic.


we walked to our hotel (you can’t drive in the town) and were a little scared at first but it’s actually very cute and authentic and best of all, clean. it’s nestled over looking sheep grazing in the mountains. it’s stunning. small and stunning.


after we dropped our luggage we walked around the small town and got some dinner overlooking the mountains. of course two different kinds of gruyere dishes!



we went to bed early to catch up on sleep so we could pack in a full day in gruyere!

happy fathers day to all you dads out there!

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