My Favorite Foodie Places in West Michigan


December 11, 2019

Wondering where some of my favorite foodie places in West Michigan are? Scroll down to see the full list!

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My favorite foodie places in West Michigan Marthas Vineyard

While I was out running errands I thought I would share some of my favorite small businesses to get foodie items like groceries, snacks, cheese and more. I grew up in west Michigan and when I was little I couldn’t wait to move away. I thought it was so boring to live in the middle of nowhere. My my how that came back on me didn’t it? You can travel to the big cities and pay 3x the price for amazing farm to table cuisine or you could go to about 70% of the restaurants in west Michigan and enjoy it for less and from farmers literally in your own backyard.  West Michigan is truly a foodie paradise. There are so many hidden gems on our side of the state and so many that I still have to visit. This is just a small sample of some of my foodie favorites that I frequent on a regular basis.

KJP kevin mcallister sweater in front of marthas vineyard grand rapids

I was trying to figure out the best way to organize this and since so many have overlapping categories after each description in bold I put what they are known for offering. If you live in west Michigan or are visiting from out of town make sure to check a few of these foodie stops off your list!

The Local Epicurean – I just stopped here to pick up dinner supplies and more this week. I always grab a few extra bags of dried homemade pasta because you never know when you are going to need a fast and easy pasta night. They make all of their own pasta from scratch and it is dried for storage. My favorite thing lately are the calamari shaped noodles or the pasta straws. They also have select fresh cheeses, seasonings, fresh baked baguettes and pre made dinners. Pasta, Take home meals

Nantucket Bakery – This is hands down my favorite bakery in all of Grand Rapids. They make the best granola and fresh bread. Their cookies are also pretty epic. Here you will find everything from an amazing almond croissant to a french baguette. Bonus it’s located next to lyon street coffee and martha’s vineyard. Bread and Baked Goods

Martha’s VineyardMartha’s is a great place to stock up on the essentials from fresh produce to wine. They have excellent service there that will help you find everything you need. They have a full deli full of delicious sandwiches and grab and go dinners. If you are there I highly recommend grabbing their gluten free carrot cake. I’m not GF personally but the cake is a delight. Groceries, wine, deli

The Cheese Lady –  I can’t pick a favorite cheese shop because the two that I frequent are so completely different in what they offer. The cheese lady though is a must visit and is conveniently located next to the fulton street farmers market. They carry everything from potato chip gouda to brie to fresh mozzarella to your basic cheddar. They have pretty much anything you can possible make from a sheep, goat or cow. The best part? You can sample as many as you need until you find what you are after. They also slice the cheese as small or as large as you need. They also have a selection of crackers and other cheese board essentials. Cheese

Appertiv0 – Not only this is a great place to grab everything you need for the perfect charcuterie board, they also have a great spot for having a snack and a glass of wine. Their cheese boards are always interesting and highly curated and they make excellent and affordable drink options. My favorite thing to grab here are sweetie drop peppers, clos normand cider and pig and fig pate (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). Cheese, Wine, Beer, Meat

Carvers – Located right next to appertivo this a great place to grab fresh meat and a bite to eat. They have the best burger hands down. They also are next door and own Fish Lads which is the go to place to get fresh fish and seafood everyday. Fish, Meat

Wealthy Street Bakery– This is next door to Art of the Table which is a great place to grab table decor, wine and cookbooks. Wealthy Street Bakery has an awesome selection of fresh baked breads and makes an amazing sandwich. Baked Goods

Mokaya Chocolate – If you are in the mood for something sweet this is your go to place. They make absolutely amazing truffles and beautifully decorated chocolate. In the summer they have the most incredible ice cream sandwiches but my favorite thing they offer is their chocolate dipped toffee cookies. Chocolates

As the holidays approach branch out and woo your guests with some special treats from these amazing local makers. Want some great local restaurant recommendations? Visit here.

Toddler in white janie and jack fisherman sweater in front of marthas vineyard in grand rapids Toddler in white janie and jack fisherman sweater in front of marthas vineyard in grand rapids running errands at some of my favorite foodie places in west Michigan KJP kevin mcallister sweater in front of marthas vineyard grand rapids KJP kevin mcallister sweater in front of marthas vineyard grand rapids KJP kevin mcallister sweater in front of marthas vineyard grand rapids KJP kevin mcallister sweater in front of marthas vineyard grand rapids my favorite foodie places in west michigan

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    Don’t forget that Nantucket has a 2nd location on Fuller just north of Leonard.

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