Halloween 2020 Harry We Took Care of It


November 2, 2020

Halloween 2020 well… It’s probably the scariest year it’s every been. Honestly I thought dressing up as 2020 would be the scariest costume yet. However we like to keep things light in this house and we have had a lot of fun with Otto’s Halloween costumes over the years. 

We had a few options for Otto’s costume this year but in the end decided that Harry from Dumb and Dumber would be the winner this year. We stared with this suit from amazon but decided that we needed the mutt cutt wagon to go with it. $20 in carpet from home depot and some liquid nail later we had our costume complete.

Ottos 2020 Halloween

To make the “shaggin wagon” we bought two 3×5 rugs from Home depot and some liquid nail. We pretty much ruined his cozy coup but he likes his car better this way anyway he said. We cut out felt shapes and printed the tag and hot glued it to the carpet.

Otto was thrilled. He thought it was a spooky car. All month long he kept saying he wanted to be a “Kitty Witch Pumpkin” for Halloween. Do you know how to get a toddler to wear a powder blue suit? Tell him it’s a spooky kitty witch pumpkin costume. He was sure to correct anyone who said he was funny. No, he is a spooky kitty witch pumpkin. Whatever kiddo. It worked.

Because of Covid 19 there was no trick or treating. Instead, we visited Joe’s parents and then headed to my parents for an outdoor “spooky hayride”. Otto had an absolute blast. We drove around the field on the tractor looking for “Clues” to find hidden trick or treat treasure.

Guess what Otto talked about all day yesterday?

The spooky hayride.

Toddler Dumb and Dumber Costume

This was probably the funnest Halloween yet. The sun was out and it was borderline warm. We spent it with just our family (and Liz, Jose and Copeland) and it was extremely relaxing.

I’ve never been a real Halloween fan, Thanksgiving is my more holiday but sharing in Otto’s excitement made it all worth it.

Hope everyone had a safe a fun Halloween this weekend!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Love it! Simple and low key makes the best memories we have found ❤

  2. Jane says:

    So dang cute❤️

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