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Halloween Costume for Toddler Harry Dumb and Dumber

Halloween 2020 well… It’s probably the scariest year it’s every been. Honestly I thought dressing up as 2020 would be the scariest costume yet. However we like to keep things light in this house and we have had a lot of fun with Otto’s Halloween costumes over the years.  We had a few options for […]

Halloween 2020 Harry We Took Care of It


We hope you have a Finger Licking Good Halloween from our family to yours! When trying to decide what Otto should be for halloween it was a tough call. He is in to so many things! Would he be Uncle Sam? A flag? Mickey Mouse? We finally decided since chicken is one of the only […]

Finger Licking Good Halloween


Creative Toddler Costume Toddler as Colonel Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken

i know you’re “supposed to” limit the amount of photos each post has but guys… i couldn’t even begin to choose top 3, top 5, so i just posted all my favorites. i can’t believe we are on a year of seconds! second halloween, thanksgiving etc. it blows my mind and i think i weep […]

cupid otto halloween 2018


i have never been one to “celebrate” halloween. it’s just not one of my favorites. me? i’m more of a thanksgiving and fourth of july kind of girl. mostly because they surround my two favorite kinds of pie. cherry pie and pumpkin pie. that and i just love the nostalgia that surrounds them. i don’t […]

ottos first halloween


Last year we celebrated NYE with our friends and their children at the Leland Lodge. It was amazing. We played card games, we went sledding, we did a little wine tasting. It was really a magical time and something we were hoping to turn into a yearly tradition. I’m hopeful in 2021 we’ll be celebrating […]

Ten Fun Ideas to Celebrate NYE 2020


Telling secrets with Otto

Otto and I finally got back to Meijer Gardens for the first time since March. I think one of the things that amazes me most about this pandemic is how quickly we forget and/or adapt to the situation. I don’t think that is a good thing? Maybe parts of it are. I know we shouldn’t […]

A visit to the fall exhibit at Meijer Gardens


Mum and Pumpkin display at FMG

Can I be honest with you why this post is a little late? It’s because the third anniversary of Otto’s open heart surgery slipped our minds until the day before. We realized it the night of the 3rd that the coming day would make three years since Otto had his open heart surgery. The fact […]

Three Year Heart Surgery Anniversary


Toddler hugging his farm kitty

Every Wednesday Otto and I visit the farmers market before taking him to school and we load up on pumpkins for the front porch. I finally had a chance to arrange them a few days ago on the porch and Otto was very adamant that the porch needs to be spooky. It’s so fun having […]

Spooky Fall Front Porch


Farmhouse Fall Front Porch

This morning at about 4am Otto leaned over to me in his sleep and said in a whispered voice “it’s time to play hide and seek”. Without missing a beat I responded “no it’s not” and he rolled back over still asleep and continued on. You want to talk about something that will jolt you […]

Picking up Pumpkins


Otto helping my push the collapsable wagon

We have had so much fun soaking in all of the fun fall activities during the beautiful fall weather here in Michigan. We have been trying to do one fall activity each weekend together and it has been so much fun watching otto explore and experience all that Michigan has to offer. We have had […]

Fun Fall Toddler Activities


Zara Overalls Toddler playing at Post Family Farm. Fun Fall Activities for the Kids

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