ottos first halloween


November 2, 2017

i have never been one to “celebrate” halloween. it’s just not one of my favorites. me? i’m more of a thanksgiving and fourth of july kind of girl. mostly because they surround my two favorite kinds of pie. cherry pie and pumpkin pie. that and i just love the nostalgia that surrounds them. i don’t like skeletons, graves as decor etc. i like “fall decor” better. but this year of course i’m going to take advantage of dressing my kid up in a custom i can show him years later. and even though he only wore it once… ok maybe a few times because i would dress him in it from time to time before halloween.. it’s hidden in the bottom of my pajama drawer where my favorite sleeper he wore as an infant is.  don’t judge.

we had a pretty low key halloween. of course a three month old isn’t going to go trick or treating in the wild. but he is going to go to his grandparents house so he can trick or treat and his parents can steal his candy because he’s still on breast milk.

i bought this costume from pottery barn kids. i couldn’t resist it was 20% off all costumes. we almost went with a bat given our previous circumstances but this kid farts so much that a skunk just really seemed appropriate. needless to say he hated having the skunk hat on. he didn’t really seem to mind the body suit part though. i count that as a win.

i was so grateful to be able to be home for this. when we were in the thick of it at the hospital the thought occurred to me that he might not be able to wear his costume. i know there were much bigger fish to fry and things to worry about at that point. but it’s the normal little things that you hold on to. i was thankful for this opportunity to have fun with my babies first halloween at home.

next year… we are going trick or treating as a family. in costume of course.

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