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November 6, 2017

it’s official i’m as of today a working mom. i got ready and went to work for the first time since late july. it. feels. weird. i’m not going to lie it was so hard to leave but once i got on the road, got my npr playing and my coffee in my cup holder it’s strange how fast old habits come back. that is until i’m sitting in my office, taking off my coat that i haven’t worn since last year and i found a crinkled up copy of otto’s first ultrasound. the one where we heard the heart beat. cut to me tearing up a bit at my desk. this stuff is hard friends!

this weekend was a cozy cuddly time that as always goes by way too fast. saturday morning joe went hunting with my dad and brother and otto and i were going to go walk the farmers market but by the time we got there it was pouring rain. i jumped out and grabbed a few things that i needed before picking up a few other things around downtown holland (leggings and a book). we went to ecobuns and got otto a thing for his car seat and then went to the found cottage for a bit to hang out before heading home again. otto took a snooze while i made a grocery list. joe got home from hunting and we went to grab a nice quiet dinner at salt of the earth. it was steady but not crowded and we split a pizza and a bottle of wine and felt a little bit like our old selves again.

sunday morning we hung out in the living room by the fire watching dumb and dumber and drinking coffee. joe and otto stayed snuggled while i went out to get groceries (target) before heading to my parents house for lunch and to celebrate my birthday. my mom made my favorite foods and we just kind of hung out before heading home and snuggling in again. we got our “chores” done mixing bottles, washing the kid and changing him. we had a light dinner of cheese and bread before calling it a night.

the rainy weather did nothing for our ambitions and to be honest i really didn’t care. it was lovely.

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