Ten Fun Ideas to Celebrate NYE 2020


December 30, 2020

Last year we celebrated NYE with our friends and their children at the Leland Lodge. It was amazing. We played card games, we went sledding, we did a little wine tasting. It was really a magical time and something we were hoping to turn into a yearly tradition. I’m hopeful in 2021 we’ll be celebrating with friends again but this year is going to be a little quieter. We are looking for fun things to do just the three of us to ring in the new year and make it special.

Otto is very displeased that we have been slowly taking down Christmas decorations. He has been demanding to know what holiday is next. Is it halloween? Is it his birthday? We are now explaining how fun NYE typically is but so far all he’s gathered is we stay up late, count down from 10 and throw confetti and yell happy new year. The first time I explained this to him he thought I said betty (not confetti) and asked how do we catch her? Note: Betty is a 200+ Icelandic sheep that is the head of our herd.

Toddlers are fun arn’t they?

Janie and Jack Pink top for Toddlers

With all of our typical plans and adventures off the table for 2021, dinners, travel, hotels etc. We are going to make the most of staying home and celebrating and shhhhhh we might fake midnight at 10pm. Because why not? Here are some fun ideas to celebrate nye 2020 at home.

Fun Ideas to Celebrate NYE 2020 at Home

1. Go for an adventure walk – Some of our best conversations, ideas and plans come from taking a walk on  the beach (even when it’s frozen), woods or park. It’s good to get outside and get some fresh air. Otto loves to find tiny little baby trees, rocks and sticks. It’s good for everyone to step away from their screens and couches and go explore nature. I’m not planning on making resolutions this year but many have suggested selecting a “word” of the year. This would be a great topic of discussion for your NYE walk.

2. Make a good long dinner – Hey you have the time right? Make something that needs slow cooking like short ribs braised in a dutch oven or a bit roast. Thanksgiving can’t have all the big meal fun. Light some candles, set the table and cook your favorite meal to enjoy together over a long dinner conversation.

3. Have an at home wine tasting – Two of my favorite local places to eat and buy wine always assist in finding the perfect wine flights to try at home. If you are local give Reserve or Aperitivo GR a call and they will put together three or more bottles for you to sample at home. There are some great tasting sheets that help discern what you like in a wine. Even funner would be to pick a region or country and make the night about that theme. Go to France, California or Italy with your wine and food pairings.

4. Set up a movie theater in your living room – When I was a kid it was absolutely wild when we could make a movie theater on our floor. We would move our mattresses or couch cushions to the ground and build a fort of blankets over top to watch the movies in. I don’t know why but it felt special and silly. Watch your favorite movies all night long in your home built theatre.

5. Make the most epic candy charcuterie board – If 50% of resolutions involve health and fitness then get that sugar in now. I’ve been seeing these candy charcuterie boards on Pinterest and what a fun thing to graze on throughout the night. If you are local, head to the Holland Peanut Store to stock up. They have an incredible assortment of candies including all of the classic favorites.

6. Board Game Marathon – This one is not for me because I am way too competitive for friendly boardgames. If you have seen me at baby showers… you know. There is a reason we no longer have family game night. However there are a few slower paced games that I still enjoy beating Joe at every single time (scrabble) that I would be interested in engaging in. Have a slow night in playing board games together as you count down the hours to the new year.

7. Have a self care & spa night – Get all the necessities ready for a beauty night in. Give yourself a pedicure, paint your nails, read in the bath tub, try a new face mask (the soothing kind not the mandatory in public kind), deep condition your hair. Do all the things that get you nice and relaxed to welcome in the new year.

8. Go to Times Square to Celebrate! – No really, you can create your own avatar and head to times square to watch the ball drop. All you have to do is download the NYE 2020 app, create your avatar and join the party. You can collect virtual confetti and even watch the fireworks from Times Square through the eyes of your avatar.

9. Go star gazing – Cold winter nights offer some amazing star gazing here in Michigan. If you are lucky enough to get a cloud free night on NYE bundle up and head outside late at night. Go to the darkest spot that you can and look up at the sky. I have a few different star gazer apps that help identify constellations. Maybe you’ll even get lucky enough to witness a shoot star!

10. Have a virtual toast at midnight with friends and family – This year has been rough. There is so much hope that 2021 will have better things to come. I know so many of us are dealing with zoom fatigue but there is something so fun about cheers with friends when the clock strikes midnight.

Pink Blush Coat with Sequin Pants to go to the Grocery Store

Enjoy this year off from parties and extreme cover charges. Savor this moment at home and reflect on the tough year that 2020 has been. 2021 can only be up from here. I hope that you enjoy some of these fun ideas to celebrate nye 2020 at home. I wish you the safest, happiest and healthiest new year.

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  1. Lorie Haefner Williams says:

    Oh the virtual toast!! This brought me back to New Years Eve 1965. 1965 had been a wonderful year,filled with a new sister,and a more peaceful home. We were allowed to stay up,eat pop corn, and watch TV. At midnight, my Great Aunt,who was our next door neighbors but really lived a quarter of a mile away, phoned us, while my Uncle flashed their porch lights. I can remember my sisters and I laughing because no one called on a party line after eight!!! Enjoy and celebrate!!!!! The best is yet to come!!;

  2. Ananda says:

    Love the blanket fort/movie theater idea. Have never done with with my 4-yr old, but he would love it.

  3. Carolyn says:

    This series of photos is adorable and beautiful and fun!! Happy New Year

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