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January 4, 2021

Nobody puts baby in a corner and nobody puts sequins back in their closet after the holiday season. It’s no secret that I am a sucker for sequin dresses or just sequins in general. You can wear a sequin dress on a gloomy January day and still feel a pit of a pep in your step. Right now, something as simple as running to the grocery store or going out to get coffee feels like a special trip. There are days where I want to just keep lounging in my leggings but there comes a point where I just need to feel a little extra. That’s when I turn to my wardrobe for something with a bit of sparkle.

HM Sequin Dress

Sequins do not always have to be extra though and there are ways of working it into your everyday wardrobe that doesn’t scream LOOK AT ME unless you want it to. Sequin pieces also don’t have to break the bank to look higher end. I bought this H & M puff sleeve sequin dress for under $40 and was super impressed.

What to look for when shopping for sequin pieces

  1. The weight of the material. I like my sequin pieces to be a bit heavier. When there is more of a weight to  a sequin garment the sequin pattern holds together better when the piece is stretched (like when you sit down).
  2. The stretch of the material. A slight stretch helps with walking, sitting and general movement but a sequin piece with too much stretch can leave big gaps in sequin clusters.
  3. The fit. I’ve tried to squeeze myself into a good clearance find a time or two and it never ends well. One of the most unflattering things you can wear is an ill fitted sequin dress. It hides nothing. Wait until you find “the one” before you have something that hangs in your closet for eternity.

Puff-sleeved Sequined Dress

We now have it down on how to find the perfect sequin piece to add to your wardrobe. Now it’s time to get the most bang for your buck out of it. I love wearing sequins during the holidays. Nothing feels more festive to me than going out to dinner with friends with the soft glow of the lighting against the dark winter sky and the sequins of my dress bouncing the light back. Remember when we used to get together for dinner?
I don’t want to pack up my sparkle once the clock strikes midnight on New Years Day. I want to continue to incorporate the sequins into my everyday wardrobe. Let me set the stage for you. I own a shop with two other friends but my day to day job is working in marketing at a small office outside of Grand Rapids for a chain of convenience stores. The unofficial dress code is business casual and jeans on Fridays. Currently due to the pandemic there is minimal office staff so we can wear casual every day. I still find ways to mix in some sequin sparkle into my work wardrobe. It can be done!

H & M Puff-sleeved Sequined Dress

How to wear sequins after the holiday season.

The first step in wearing sequins after the holiday season is viewing it as another texture in your closet. Denim, faux fur, flannel and silk are all textures. Sequins are just another texture to throw into the mix. I like to mix my textures just as much as I mix my patterns. Silk top with denim pants, great! Flannel plaid shirt under a faux fur vest, wonderful! Sequins can be layered in like any other texture in your wardrobe. I found these sequin pants on clearance and dressed them down with a chunky sweater for a patio dinner with my friends. The texture of the sweater was a casual wool while the pants were 100% sequin. It didn’t look like I was going to a formal gathering, the sweater took it down a notch.

Another example of texture mixing is this gingham sequin dress with a leather belt. The leather belt defines the waist but also provides a casual element to the outfit.

Downtown Grand Rapids in front of the Amway Grand

Another tip for wearing sequins after the holiday season is wearing the sequin piece as the focal point and everything else super casual. I love my bb Dakota sequin duster so much that I also bought it in black this year from anthropologie. One of my favorite ways I styled it was last year on my birthday with a graphic tee and some faded boyfriend jeans. 

The Jacket was the star and paired with a simple black and white tee shirt it was the perfect outfit for lunch on my birthday.

How to wear sequins on a week day

And the final rule for wearing sequins after the holiday is, there are no rules. Bottom line, wear what makes you feel good. Try things on until you feel it works. The steps above are just guidelines to get started. Fashion is fun because it allows you to be creative every day. Try something new, start small if you have to. Get the most wear from your sequins after the holidays and enjoy them year round!

Puff Sleeve Sequin Dress from H & M Sequin Dress in Silver

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    You are my Carrie Bradshaw! Thank you for sharing your styling tips love your style and daily inspiration! Have a fabulous day!

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    Love your style. And sequins – yes! Did you see the yellow Tory Burch sequin skirt they are showing with a simple sweater and cute spring shoes. So you!!

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    Love it!!

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    I love the sparkle!! You are an inspiration!

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