Practical Warm and Versatile Outdoor Gear for Kids


January 5, 2021

Winter has arrived in Michigan and we are being creative with finding fun things to do outside of the house. We’ve been finding many fun winter trails that involve tracking through the snow and ice. As much as I love the adorable knit snowsuits (and those have their place) when we are out to lake Michigan we need the most practical, warm and versatile outdoor gear. Coincidentally it’s also some of the most practical and versatile outdoor gear for mom and dad too.

Warm Comfy and Practical Outerwear for Kids

My mom gave each of the boys (cousins and Otto) a set of Carhartt’s for Christmas last year and she got each of them a size up. They were a tad big for Otto last year but they fit perfectly now giving us two full years of wear for a growing kid. Next year they might be a tad too short but still warm and still works for what we need them for.

Why Carhartt’s are the perfect practical warm and versatile outdoor gear for kids.

  1. The overalls have adjustable straps as well as buttons to roll up the pant leg if they are too long which provides extended wear as your child grows.
  2. The overalls are flannel lined for extra warmth. Otto never complains about being too cold when he is in his Carhartt’s.
  3. The jacket is also quilted providing warmth. The pockets are real as well for tiny little hands. PS who invented faux pockets?
  4. Both the jacket and the overalls are made of durable washed duck cotton. This stuff is almost impossible to rip.
  5. Carharrt’s are great for outdoor play as well as working in the barn. They go right into the washing machine and dryer and come out as good as new.

Carhartt Apparel for Kids in The Winter

In addition to Carharrt’s being warm and versatile outdoor gear for kids, a good pair of winter boots is needed. I usually buy Otto one pair ever year but this year since we were spending so much more time outdoors I went with the Sorel brand boot for kids. Otto was between sizes so I went with the larger size to get more wear (and wear thicker socks). I also have a pair of Sorel boots for myself and there is no comparison. They keep your feet so warm and toasty. The last thing you want to do is carry a kid back from the trail because they’re too cold.

From the farm to the sledding hill the most comfortable and warm outdoor gear for kids

New years eve we went for a walk on the trails behind the Felt Mansion in Saugatuck. It’s one of my favorite trails to take Otto on because it is easy to walk and is pretty populated. The view is just beautiful when you get to the lake. I swear lake Michigan never looks the same each time. Joe, Otto and I sat on the sandy dune watching the waves crash for a few minutes before heading back to the car. It was just the breath of fresh air we needed that evening.

Practical Warm and Dry Outdoor Clothes for Toddler Boys

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