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November 5, 2018

i am a firm believer that if you live in a place that hits zero at least 2 times in a year you are allowed to purchase as many jackets as you see fit. i change and adapt the rationale quite frequently to conveniently fit my need to buy something. like this holiday red jacket. i call it holiday red because i just think that this bright pop that matches my favorite lipstick (nars heat wave) is the perfect shade for christmas. it reminds me of the vintage red font on my boxes of shiny bright ornaments.

i inconveniently left this jacket and all other jackets behind this weekend when i went to ann arbor and detroit to visit my sister. i’m still not used to stepping outside and being cold just yet even though i have lived in michigan my entire life and should know better. regardless of the cold and the forgotten jacket we had a wonderful time hanging out in our favorite bookstore (literary) and hanging out with my little sister and soon to be brother in law. i’m super geeked about a new book about creating from scratch recipes but that is for a different day. we ended our weekend with a dinner at mable gray hosted by equinox fitness and drove home with bellies as full as our hearts.


i’m getting side tracked though. where were we again.. jackets. i wore this outfit the day after our nordstrom haul with atlantic pacific and did a bit of last minute shopping in the city before heading home. the entire outfit is from jcrew and is now mostly on sale. the website is even having 40% off the majority of full priced items. the tie top i have worn with so much already including this weekend with some skinny jeans and a leopard fur vest from last year. this outfit is super fun with the stretchy gingham pants and silvery shoes. the pants ran a bit small and i am usually in between an 8 and a 10 at jcrew and went with the 10. the top is medium and the jacket is an 8. i have the jacket in the green tweed from last year as well. the nice thing about this jacket is it isn’t super stiff or conforming so it’s nice to wear with sweaters. i have my eye on a few more colors once my wallet recovers.

outfit breakdown:

jacket j.crew 8
top j.crew medium
pants j.crew 10
shoes kate spade 9 (on mega 75% sale)

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