here to you thirty two


November 7, 2018

i woke up this morning kind of ho hum. the elections are over, there is frost on the ground, i have rotting pumpkins on my porch and a baby who somehow didn’t make it to his crib last night sleeping next to me. it’s birthday thirty two today and as i laid in bed i kind of just sat there going, what is special about today?

in previous years like a kids first day of school i would have a new birthday outfit, i would have endless plans of cake, coffee, shopping and relaxing. but this year just feels different. to be honest i let myself get a little down about it. but as i got into the shower and started sorting through the nest of tangles i thought to myself. THANK GOD it’s HO HUM. the past few years have been nothing short of rocky with miscarriage, open heart surgeries and just adjusting to life with a new family member. thirty one was gentle to me. and for that i am so grateful.

there is something about having a birthday that is similar to a new year type feeling. the feeling we need to resolve to do something set goals. my goal has been the past few months and will be to just listen. listen to my heart and my head on where God is calling me. not making sudden rash decisions and just being still and aware. savoring as much of the journey as i can.


today i’m meeting my mom for a nice lunch and then working on our project that is getting ready to launch (excited and details coming soon). tonight, otto and joe are taking me to dinner at salt of the earth which makes me just so happy i could cry. there is nothing i love more in this world than a lovely dinner with my boys. and who knows maybe i’ll still bust out some tulle for the birthday.


outfit details
jacket nordstrom atlantic pacific i am wearing a size 10 
dress nordstrom atlantic pacific i am wearing a size 10
lipstick nars heat wave
booties tory burch sold out similar here

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  1. elma says:

    Happy birthday sweet Abby!! May you be greatly blessed in this next year!!!

  2. Darleene says:

    Happiness is where you are and it looks good on you, stay positive and have a fun day. Happy Birthday to you.

  3. Sonja says:

    I think it sounds perfect!! Happy happy birthday!! You are a beautiful young wife and mom to the best kid around!! Sounds like God has already blessed you and you KNOW there is so much more to come!!!

  4. Sparkleparty says:

    This day is special because YOU were born! I am grateful for the joy you bring into my world with your stories, baby Otto, magical outfits and a wonderful home you invite us into! HAPPY YEAR to Abby thank you for being born today!

  5. Helen says:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!!!

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