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August 13, 2014

i’ve always always always wanted to try my hand at a pallet wall garden and honestly never had the time to just sit and do it. i actually had a saturday not too long ago when joe was out of town and i had the house and tools to myself.

i went the warehouse friday after work and had one of the nice gentleman get an old pallet for me.

i went to the depot and picked up some supplies.

here is what you need

a pallet (duh)
landscaping liner (the stuff that is supposed to keep weeds out)
i bought some chicken fence wire for extra durability
a heavy duty staple gun
lots and lots of dirt. go with a good one like miracle grow. these gardens tend to dry out a ton and need something that holds moisture.
plants – i am making a michigan perennial herb garden* so if all goes according to plan… i don’t have to replant next year.
sharpie (if labeling)
stencil (optional)

* a note on perennial herbs in michigan, the only herb i have had come back year after year is tarragon. I leave them all in pots over the winter. i think in the ground they would have more of a chance. i’m hoping if i store this in my garage over the winter they will survive. to read more about perennial michigan herbs click here.

start by stapling the tarp/mesh to the back of the pallet. i stapled the shit out of this thing. i do not want it to give way. i went over it again.
stretch the chicken wire over the canvas. staple the shit out of that too. i did this because i did not want the winter and moving it around to wear away at it. make sure that you stretch everything out around the bottom of the pallet. so things don’t fall out the bottom. leave the top open.
line your plants up in the order you would like to plant them.
i thought it would be fun to label. pallet would is very coarse. i tried paint marker, no go, paint was too messy with the stencils. the best thing that worked on pallet would was a big fat sharpie.
next move the pallet to the location in which it will stay. it’s heavy when filled with dirt.
fill each slot up with dirt. pack it in tight because it will all shift down when you stand the garden up.
plant your herbs in nice and tight. leaving the top herbs off until later when you stand the garden up.
pet your dog.
let the garden lay flat for at least two weeks so the plants can take root and hold things in. MAKE SURE TO WATER these dry out quick!
after two weeks have passed and it seems fuller (thanks miracle grow)
stand them up and admire.
Herb Garden
Wall Garden DIY
Wall Garden
stay tuned to see how it comes back next year!

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  1. Christine Ann Rollinson says:

    Hi Abigail,

    I’m just going to start this! can’t wait! Just need my supplies which I will pick up tomorrow. thanks for the inspiration!

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