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August 27, 2014

I was just finished restoring the old metal sink in our penthouse cottage. I stood back to admire my handiwork and I realized that I put all the handles on backwards.
I am not the queen of DIY but I try hard and thank goodness I had previous photos of what the sink looked like so I could see my mistake.
Before we get to that. let’s talk about restoring the old metal sink. It was for sure one of the only things in the house that 100% for sure needed to be saved. In fact, I think it might just be the only thing we end up saving here. Everything else is just in shambles.
This old metal sink was beginning to rust out (we still need to put in a new base in the cupboards) but i knew i could at least start saving the outside.
I headed to the home depot to stock up on the supplies and paint and trucked it back up to the cottage to get started for the days project. Joe was busy working  on adding more  walls so this was a nice project that I could complete.
Restoring the old metal sink at the cottage


Restoring the old metal sink at the cottage with paint


How to restore the old metal sink at the cottage
it’s kind of hard to see the rust spots here but they are mostly on the inside rims of the drawers and doors. also the hardware was all sketched up. You can see a major streak of rust along the cabinet door to the left side.
Supplies needed to restore the old metal sink
Supplies needed to restore the old metal sink:  sand paper, TSP, thin roller, rustoleum metal primer, rustoleum gloss white metal paint, rustoleum gold spray paint,  tray, tape etc.
How I restored the Old metal sink:
1. take off hardware
2. wash with TSP product
3. sand down rust spots
4. wash with tsp again
5. let dry
6. slap on the primer
7. let dry (about two – three hours)
8. apply first layer of white metal paint, spray hardware
9. wait 24 hours
10. apply second layer of white metal paint
11. let dry one week
12. place hardware back on correctly 🙂
I put the hardware on backwards here


Backwards hardware on the old metal cabinet


Restoring the old metal sink at the cottage how to
good as new!


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