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February 15, 2021

According to tik tok skinny leg jeans are out as well as side parts. This is of course according to gen Z which fine call me old. I don’t care I love my skinny jeans and I love my side part. Curly hair can’t handle a middle part so there it is. However I am finding myself gravitating more and more towards straight leg jeans as they offer a slightly more relaxed fit and the cut looks better on more people than skinny jeans do. I just ordered this pair of Austin trousers in two colors from Sezane and they are quickly becoming some of my favorite pants. For size reference these run a little larger than their other pants and I’m wearing a 42 (European sizes) I am 170 lbs and 5’4”.

My Favorite High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans

What is the difference between skinny and straight leg jeans? 

A skinny leg jean is a snug and slim fit from the hip all the way all the way down to the ankle. The ankle will be tapered tight and should be tailored right at the ankle bone. A straight leg jean is more relaxed in the thigh and hips and will have more of an opening down at the ankle. A straight leg jean should also be tailored at the ankle bone.

What Body types look good in straight leg jeans?

Really any body type can pull of a straight leg jean but curvier women and pear shaped women will appreciate the looser fit of the straight verses the skinny. Personally, I feel that straight leg jeans are a bit more comfortable for every day wear especially when there is a little bit of stretch to them. My favorite style is the higher rise straight leg jeans because i’m a shorter gal and I like to mix different textures and patterns into my outfit. Tucking a louder patterned blouse into a pair of high waisted straight leg jeans helps break up the patterns a bit.

Where to buy High waisted straight leg jeans

What are the different types of straight leg jeans? 

What makes a straight leg jean a straight leg jean is the relaxed thigh and the bottom hem. If the bottom hem is tapered at the ankle then like previously stated it’s a “skinny jean”. However, there are many different types of relaxed hems. They can be cut off, cuffed and cropped. Straight leg jeans can also be distressed and also come in other colors.

How to style Straight Leg Jeans

There are so many ways to style straight leg jeans it really comes down to what you are personally comfortable in and what makes YOU feel best. This is my personal preference and opinion when it comes to styling straight leg jeans.

My formula is this:
I pair a high waisted straight leg jean + with a button up fitted blouse with a smaller pattern + a jacket or blazer with a larger pattern + a good comfortable pair of loafers with a slight heel = A simple, stylish and flattering outfit that is suitable for work or errands.

Pairing a patterned shirt with a larger patterned tailored blazer gives the rest of your figure shape when straight leg jeans tend to be a little more relaxed and unstructured. I find that with most things tucking in your shirt instantly slims down and professionalizes any look. Is that a word? Sure it is. I loved these Sezane pants so much I bought them in green and in denim. I loved the ruffle detail that gets shown off when the shirt is tucked in. See me wearing the denim version here.

Sezane Straight Leg Jeans

I have been ordering more and more pieces since I first discovered Sezane. The price point is a little higher but the quality stands up to it. I find that whatever size I am in one top is consistent throughout the rest of the line. I love the fabrics they use as well as the cuts of the garments. They only release small capsules at a time and every now and then have little sales which are notified by email.

I wore this outfit on a quick trip to one of my favorite local bookstores, Readers World. They are located in downtown Holland, MI and have the best selection of cookbooks and a huge magazine aisle. If they don’t have what you are looking for they can order it for you. This trip I picked up the latest issues of Grand Rapids Magazine, The English Garden and Fine Cooking. They made for a great and restful weekend in.

There is a lot to unpack here. 1. Are you trying straight leg jeans? If so what are your favorite pairs. 2. Are there any good magazines that I should be reading? I’m in to cooking, fashion and gardening.

Also it should be noted. Wear what you love. If you love your skinny jeans don’t toss them out. You need to wear what is best on you and what makes you feel great. Confidence is always in style. 

Readers world Holland Michigan Sezane Green Floral Top with High Waisted Pants The daily dish my favorite Magazines How to style high waisted straight leg pants

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  1. Melinda says:

    Thanks for this tutorial on the straight leg jean. I think I wore those back in the 80’s but moved to pull-on stretch tight leg easily in the last 10 years. I have one pair of cropped loose fitters that can come out of the drawer periodically! What does Gen Z know anyway. They are all wearing my old now vintage clothes from college days! Isn’t clothing just so FUN!?!?!?

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