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November 1, 2016

can we talk about this kate spade plaid outfit? on the one actual fall day so far this year (at least it feels like that) i got to bust out my new fall get up. it’s supposed to be 70 degrees again today on the first day of november! usually there is at least one snow by now. (not complaining about no snow) just this girl is ready to wear jackets. i’m obsessed with coats (among other every things) coats are something i rarely get rid of because they are forgiving. you can gain or lose 20 lbs and your coats will still (mostly) fit. i picked up this gem at kate spade this spring because it was from their fall collection. it was at the outlet for a price that was pretty much free. luckily it is a jacket that they recreate each year just slightly different. i know this because i have previous years color in blue.

jacket: kate spade similar here
skirt: kate spade
top: kate spade
boots: tory burch
scarf: the found cottage
glasses: ray ban via jbandme

Kate Spade Plaid
i saw this skirt and i had to have it. you know how  i feel about plaid. it was destiny. even more destinyish when it went on sale and it was still in my size. i love the length how it hits just below the knee. sometimes i have a hard time with maxi skirts because i am on the shorter gal side of things. i love the midi trend because it cuts in at the right spot and shows off the shoes. i don’t really wear high heels. ever. but the wood heel on these tory burch booties said “take me home abby”. i had to listen. they were so sad. until they went home. on my feet.
i know tory burch can get kind of pricy but they are some of the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever purchased. i have pairs of loafers i wear 2 -3 times a week that have lasted over two years. if you figure out the cost per wear… totally justifies it. the boots are obviously not as comfortable as the loafers but my feet only started aching around 4pm which for a gal that starts her day at 6 is pretty good don’t you think?
as you can tell i’m ready to bust out the sweaters the boots the tights and kick fall into gear. and don’t judge me…. but i’ve already started decorating for christmas.

Kate Spade Plaid
Kate Spade Plaid-6
Kate Spade Plaid
Kate Spade Plaid
Kate Spade Plaid
Kate Spade Plaid

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