homemade cinnamon sugar baked donuts

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November 23, 2016

i think donuts have officially replaced cupcakes as “all the rage”. right now the social media world seems to be buzzing about who makes the best donut. i personally have several favorite stops but nothing beats a HOT fresh donut. when i was out and about shopping with my friend brooke we hit up william sonoma and they were having a 20% off bakeware sale. to me any percent off is usually interpreted as free so naturally i bought one donut pan. first mistake: buy two donut pans. the donut pan i purchased had room to bake 6 at a time and they take about 17 minutes in the oven, 5 minutes to cool before you pop them out. the barefoot contessas recipe made 3 dozen donuts. needless to say efficiency was not at it’s peak.

homemade cinnamon sugar baked donuts
i’m eating healthier and working out but i still like to have a sweet treat every now and then and i love to bake. (i’m not the best at it) but i love to bake. i thought if i’m going to have one tiny little donut then i might as well bake them instead of fry them right? i was very skeptical if homemade donuts would have the crispness of a bakery donut but as they cooled off they developed this delicious crust on the outside. also this recipe calls for dipping them in melted butter then rolling them in cinnamon and sugar. that makes them even crispier and delightful. i used the barefoot contessas recipe for the donuts and honestly i don’t think i would change a thing. they were perfection. i will definitely use this as a base going forward and switch up what type of donuts i make. 
homemade cinnamon sugar baked donuts
two things to note when baking these bad boys up. 1.) they take a lot less dough than you think. i followed the directions the first time and they overflowed so there was no hole in the donut. the next batches seriously took about a tablespoon and a half of dough to make the perfect size and shape donut. hence why it took 10 years to bake an entire batch with a 6 donut tray pan.

the second thing: have a back up plan to get rid of them. because you will inhale them. i put a hot one on ice cream with caramel…. dead. however make sure you plan because if you bring them to your gym friends, your trainer doesn’t like it and you have to do burpees. not that i would know ya know?
homemade cinnamon sugar baked donuts
homemade cinnamon sugar baked donuts

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