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June 25, 2018

this weekend we stayed home and had time to lounge around the house and dare i say…relax?! guys it’s so hard for me to sit. i’ve alway struggled with rest because there is just so much that i love to do and it’s hard to stay in one place. but one thing i love to do that calms my mind is bake. it forces me to focus on one thing, attend to it and not just walk away. ok well this one i could start, go for brunch and come back to. because you have to let the crust to this tart sit in the fridge for an hour or so (or three while you’re at brunch). i made this crust in the morning after i bopped around a flea market while joe and otto were still snoozing. i tossed it in the fridge and we went for brunch at salt of the earth. when i got back it was perfect to just pop into the oven. while the crust cooled i whipped up the filling (which by the way would be so good on so many things). i had some lemon curd that we sell at the found cottage on hand so mixed with some whip cream (made from scratch) and some marscarpone cheese… it created the perfect filling for this tart and the perfect bed to nestle in these strawberries.

we sell stonewall kitchen goods at our shop and i’m always grabbing a jar here or there because they’re delicious and you never know when you’ll need them in a pinch. if you haven’t tried lemon curd before.. you are missing out. it’s fantastic on french toast or pancakes with blueberries or strawberries. it makes a great filling and even just spread on a nice biscuit. you really can’t go wrong with it’s creamy tartness. it’s actually pretty easy to make but when the jarred stuff is just as good…save yourself some time and just pick it up.

this tart is simple but just takes a bit of time. i let it sit in the fridge after i poured the filling to let it set a little bit but you can serve it nice and fluffy right away.

ok so here is what you are going to need.

1.5 cups of flour
.5 cups of almond flour
1 tsp salt
2 tsp powder sugar
1/2 cup unsalted butter cut into small squares and very cold
1 egg yolk
1 or 2 tbsp water (i used 2)

3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
8oz marscarpone cheese at room temp
2 tbsp powder sugar
1 cup lemon curd
1 quart of strawberries stems removed
1/4 cup of strawberry jam ( i used some freezer jam I had made)
*you will need a tart pan or cake pan with a removable bottom. I like this one from sur la table.

to make the tart butter your pan and set aside. mix up the flours, salt and sugar together. add in the bits of cold butter and use either a pastry cutter or your fingers to work in the flour until the butter is mixed in. don’t over mix though you want the dough to be a little lumpy. mix up the egg yolk with the water and mix into the flour/butter until you can pinch the dough and it stays together. press into the pan, prick the bottom with a fork and  refrigerate at least an hour.
bake crust at 375 for 15 minutes until golden. allow to cool completely before filling or removing from pan.

to make the filling pour the heavy cream into a mixing bowl and beat on high with whisk attachment until stiff peaks form. add the room temperature marscarpone and powdered sugar, mix just long enough until it’s incorporated together. slowly stir in the lemon curd until mixed.

heat up the preserves until they are a little runny and remove from heat. add the strawberries and stir.

once everything is cool pour the lemon marscarpone filling into the crust and top with strawberry mix.

you can serve this right away but i had it in the fridge to set a bit and it was delightful.
recipe adapted from Foodie Crush 

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