Otto Craig 10 months


June 25, 2018

do you know how long “take otto’s 10 month pictures” has been on my to do list? forever. well at least a month. and you know what? he is 11 months in two days. boo. so luckily i actually did take these pics with my friend ashley when he was actually ten months old. granted he’s not thrilled in these photos but life isn’t perfect, i’m not perfect and these will just have to do.

in some ways i take a little pride in not having a 10 month “official photo” because we were given a golden ticket of no appointments until after his birthday and we are out enjoying and soaking up every single possible moment we can. i tell everyone who will listen what a darling boy otto is and i’m not lying. this child has this zest and pep about him that is contagious. if he is crying, he is tired. otherwise he is the most content happy child. the days that we get to spend together are wonderful and he goes along to every appointment, work meeting and antique store with a smile on his face and playing patty cake with anyone who will make eye contact.

i probably say this every month, in fact i’m sure i do. but otto is the great teacher in my life. he has taught me to slow down and enjoy each moment. that there might be some hard days ahead but we are busy creating the beautiful memories and moments that will get us through them. otto is my miracle and my proof that God is watching over us. we continue to make progress with our therapies and appointments and we have been so blessed to have some great nurses, doctors and therapists in our life but i’m also learning that none of these define otto. he is so much more than any of his diagnoses and the absolute joy of my life.

we are getting close to his 1st birthday and i’m just in shock. this weekend our goal is to make a “guest list” and start planning his party in the coming weeks. we want to just really celebrate his life and how far he has come. my heart breaks knowing how fast time goes but my heart is so happy that we are getting to where we need to be physically. God is so good friends. and I am so grateful that we are continuing to enjoy our summer together.


Thank you to my friend sincerely ashley who responded to my “flower wall” text as “when and where” thanks for these lovely pics 🙂

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