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June 25, 2018

i don’t think it’s a secret that if it’s covered in cheese, i want it. my dutch great grandma once said “if given the choice between chocolate or cheese i will always choose cheese”. so it’s hereditary. i love cheese really but nothing beats a good cheese plate. you don’t need a ton just some bread/crackers and well…cheese. but for a little extra kick i love mixing in some honey, dried fruit or jam.

i am a big canner but when i see something new and interesting on the shelves i gotta grab me a jar. we carry stonewall kitchen at the found cottage and we got a shipment of this peach bellini jam and all i could think of was “with blue cheeeeeese”. i headed to appertivo on my way home from otto’s food therapy and picked up a small hunk of point reyes bay blue cheese but really any mild blue would work. what i loved about the point reyes was it was silky and mild not as pungent as some blues can be. just salty enough to highlight the sweet peaches.

i toasted up some leftover french bread and just spread a little of the peach bellini jam over the toast and sprinkled the blue cheese. i grabbed a bottle of this Portuguese wine from a local shop called “art of the table” purely based on the pretty label and fruity description but it was crisp and sweet and the perfect companion to joe and i’s little happy hour before making dinner. it might sound a little quirky but a cheese like goat, blue or a sharp white cheddar are great buddies with a light fruit jam. don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

the jam can be found locally at The Found Cottage or by stonewall kitchen.



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