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June 28, 2018

as we celebrated our 9 years of marriage on june 13, it hit us that our mattress is also 9 years old. and much over due for a replacement. it was a nice bed and obviously lasted us this long but it was very worn in and had two big dips where each of us sleep. it was starting to take a toll on our backs and after about two months of searching we finally got a new mattress.

we shopped around at a few local places but some of the ones we liked were over $5,000! don’t get me wrong if you price out how much you use a mattress it works out overtime but $5k is a lot of money to spend when we need to fix a rotting deck and chipping paint. we looked at a bunch of the new online versions, casper, purple, etc. when solay reached out to us offering to send us a mattress to try, i wasn’t going to say no.

the thing that sets these mattresses apart from other “bed in a box retailers” is that it’s a foam and spring hybrid that allows for optimal back support. as you know we do not have air conditioning in this old farmhouse so having a mattress that is made to keep you cool is a big win. i’m not going to lie i was skeptical of receiving a mattress by mail but it arrived folded up in a 5 foot tall box and once the packaging was off it immediately started to expand out. we let it rise up/air out over night and were sleeping on it within 24 hours. i can’t even begin to tell you how good a new foam mattress feels. especially when otto lets us sleep all night.

in addition to being made in the U.S.A, they have a program where they donate one bed and box spring to a child in need via beds for kids. as a mother it breaks my heart to think that kids out there don’t have a safe comfortable place to sleep. i know how much otto loves his naps on mom’s bed, all kids should be able to have that. clearly otto loves the mattress too and thought it was pretty hilarious to play on it with no sheets.

if you order it and decide this mattress isn’t for you, they offer free shipping, free returns and 101 nights of sleep to try it out. there is literally no harm in giving it a try. plus with the discount code “ABBY20” you get 20% off your mattress purchase! that’s almost $400 if you are going for a king size bed!
we’ve been sleeping on this mattress for almost 3 weeks and we’ve never slept better. i would highly recommend it and am anxious to see how it goes over the years.

*the mattress was provided by Solay Sleep but all reviews and opinions are 100% my own and true 🙂

for more tips on how to find the perfect mattress check out this article!

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  1. Samara says:

    My husband & I are in the market for a new mattress, so I appreciate your honest feedback & suggestion of the Solay Mattress. I noticed on the website, that you can use the mattress with your “current set up” did you use your mattress with a box spring below it or put it on a platform/slatted frame? Also, does your discount code have a limited time use?

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