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July 16, 2018

are you getting sick of me saying i can’t believe my baby is “x” months old? well… brace yourself because i can’t believe my baby is over 11 months old and almost 1. i remember sitting on my bed where i am typing this now a year ago. 8.5 months pregnant sitting in my underwear in front of the ac working. which ironically is what i’m doing right now but with an 11 month old baby. who is also in his underwear (diaper) sleeping in front of the a/c unit. what the heck is michigan thinking by the way with these 90 degree temps?

i am sitting here watching his perfect little face sleep away. he is cuddled up with his favorite blanket and i just can’t help but be just overwhelmingly grateful. grateful that we’ve had a full half of a summer without hospital stays, visits, pokes and pricks. we have been able to be home and live just like we should have been from the very beginning. there are still days where the fear of the unknown and potential upcoming grip me from the inside out but for the most part his heart surgery back in october seems like it was a million years ago and i finally feel like he is catching up to where he should be. he’s even starting to taste and eat more. we have had just an overwhelming month of developing.

we were talking about intense food therapy a month ago and now he’s taking bites. just as he’s about to start occupational therapy because he’s not “moving about space” he’s scooting and sliding everywhere and starting to learn to pull himself up on things. everything is just on otto’s time and we have to sit and be patient. quite frankly i knew in my heart of hearts that he would catch on but as a mom i just so earnestly wanted these experiences for him so bad that my patience can get the best of me. otto is just a constant reminder that it’s between him and God when they decide to do stuff.

we don’t have anything major planned for the rest of the summer except for the upcoming ottopalooza happening on his birthday. we are inviting close friends and family for a cookout and swimming to just celebrate a solid year of health and growing. we are so grateful for how far otto has come and how strong he has become that we just want to share that joy with all that has been so encouraging along the way. i know i say this each time too but thank you doesn’t even begin to describe our gratitude for all of the support. next update my baby will be one. how is that even real!?



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  1. Hope says:

    I have never commented, but had to…that kid is just ADORABLE. I’m so very happy for you that he continues to do well.

  2. Cindy Bouma says:

    So happy that Otto is doing well and coming up on his one-year birthday! Thank you for sharing the ins-and outs of having a baby with congenital issues. It’s so great to see him thriving! I’m a couple of week’s early, but Happy Birthday, Otto!

    Cindy Bouma
    American Heart Association, West MI

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