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December 27, 2017

i am just now realizing i’m starting off most posts with “i can’t believe” and it’s so true. i just can’t believe here joe and i celebrating with baby’s first christmas. and even now, i can’t believe we are getting to spend baby’s first christmas at home. trust me that is something i do not take for granted. i was fully prepared to spend our holiday in the hospital but i’m so grateful for God’s other plan. this holiday season was so special to me.

joe and i have always had our own traditions but this year we decided to tweak and add a few new ones. we didn’t exactly get our christmas date this year (trust me we will be reinstating that next year) but we did come up with a few new wonderful things.

we held otto back from extended family parties this year to attempt to prevent illness which was really hard. we missed our little buddy gathering around with the rest of the family. but we took him to my parents on christmas eve and then joe’s family christmas afternoon. christmas morning we woke up at 6am (dang you feeding schedule) and drank coffee under the piles of blankets watching the snow blow around outside. we started a fire in the living room and went and opened stockings only from “santa”. after that we had more coffee and a light breakfast before heading to joe’s parents for a bigger brunch.

the snow was sooooo bad and almost white out conditions but thanks to our one horse open silverado we made it. we ate, we opened, we ate some more and then headed back home.

i think my favorite new tradition is saving the gifts to otto and “from otto” for last. the house was so dark and creaky. the snow and wind was banging on the windows and we were in the “christmas room” snuggled up by the fire having a glass of wine opening gifts. it’s a bit ridiculous how many times joe and i both did the “ooo looks like we forgot one more!” but hey it’s christmas.

this is one i will never forget. i’m a sensory person and i can’t tell you how many times i buried my nose in my sons neck just taking it all in. he actually let me cuddle him a few times which is a win because he is such a mover! i just remember being so warm, safe and grateful on christmas night. something i will carry in my heart forever.

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  1. Hannah says:

    LOVE love love this. <3

  2. Beautiful! I look forward to baby’s first Christmas! Let’s hope it’s this next one 😉

  3. Kirsten Juenke says:

    Y’all are the cutest little family! I discovered you through Country Living and am just so relieved and happy to see your thriving little man. I’ve explored and been inspired by you and your site – thank you!

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