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December 28, 2017

in the spirit of coming up with new traditions for the holidays i really wanted a small breakfast for the three of us (or just the two of us because one of us is still on milk). i wanted something that could be prepped the night before and just tossed into the oven while we open stockings in the morning. i have a really bad habit of being over zealous and trying out complicated recipes at inappropriate times haha. like why the heck would i try to make a layer cake with frosting when i have an hour? ugh i always do that.

if you follow my instagram stories you know i’m a huge fan of the blog (and now book!) half baked harvest. i saw this recipe on her blog and was super impressed. i mean doesn’t bread in general seem impressive? especially when it’s braided into a snowflake. i book marked it for a later date but decided to give the recipe a read. it actually wasn’t that complicated and i though meh why not i can make it the day before and bake it in the morning and i did just that.

a few lessons for next time: make double the butterscotch sauce because it’s fricken delightful and can be used for other things (like ice cream). make about 30-50% more filling (the butter and brown sugar mixture) it got a little sparse at the end. I would also spread it out a little more to the edges because i chickened out this round and the ends were a little bready but nothing an extra scoop of butterscotch couldn’t fix.

the smell of this bread filled the house on christmas morning of butter and cinnamon and we snuggled up by the kitchen fireplace with coffee, mimosas and this snowflake bread. it was seriously the perfect thing for christmas morning. i’m thinking of making it again next year but maybe adding some candied pecans on top or a glaze instead of a butterscotch…or maybe even both.

there is something about bread that just makes me feel like superwoman. like boom here family i hand kneaded this bread for you, layered it and shaped it into a snowflake. even though it wasn’t that hard. don’t tell them that though.

it’s little things like this though i will always remember about our first christmas together. warm, full and somewhat over caffeinated.

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