Mothers Day Gift Guide


May 7, 2019

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and this year is going to be so so good. I feel like there has been some pretty dark Mother’s Days in previous years for both myself and some dear friends but this year there is just so much to celebrate. A few friends that have been struggling through fertility treatments finally have sweet babies. My dear friends Liz and Jose were able to adopt sweet baby Cope. Life is just so good. I can’t believe this is my second Mother’s Day as otto slowly creeps toward two years old, it just breaks my heart but fills it with so much joy. Even though he is gift enough I thought I would write about a few last minute things that would make great thoughtful gifts. So if you will, a little Mothers Day gift guide curated by yours truly.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

last year when joe asked me what i wanted for mothers day i said I wanted just an iris bulb. They’re my favorite flower and each year otto could get me an iris that I could plant in my garden and someday I would have a garden of Iris bulbs from my baby boy. mothers day came and otto and joe proudly presented me with an orchid plant. joe said incredulously, i didn’t know that orchids can survive a winter in michigan! they can’t i said laughing. joe replied then how are you going to have a garden of orchids? i said i’m not i was going to have a garden of iris’s. we still have a good laugh about that to this day. something tells me i’m going to be getting another orchid for mothers day and that is just fine with me. last year we headed up to the leland lodge and this year we are just going to go hang out at our pentwater cottage and have a low key mothers day.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

if you are still looking for that perfect little something for mothers day i put together a simple mothers day gift guide of a few of my favorite things. some can be found in stores still or with 2 day shipping. many places are offering free shipping by mothers day.

replica travel spray set – i am obsessed with the replica brand of perfumes. some of the scents are found recipes and others are new that are supposed to replicate the familiar scents of fond memories. if you are looking to buy a full size my favorites are beach walk and lipstick on. if you are unsure or the full size is out of your budget the travel scent pack allows you to try a few collections at a time until you find your “signature scent”

NARS cheek palette – i picked up this palette with my friend ashley when we had a girls weekend in chicago and had a little fun at the nordstrom nars counter. the funny thing is we have totally different skin types and tones and this palette worked awesome for the both of us. it’s a fun out of the box gift that any makeup loving mama would appreciate.

japanese weeder – this hand tool is the perfect gift for the garden mama. it allows me to weed my 8 garden beds in under 30 minutes. I wish i would have found this tool sooner and it’s a steal at just $25.

the flavor bible – this is one of my favorite books to read when i have a little free time. if you want to start creating your own recipes and learn what flavors go together and compliment each other, the flavor bible is a must. if you shop it on amazing it’s under $25.

Greenpan pots – if you want to go big or go home for mothers day, these pots and pans are my absolute favorite. i received them as a christmas gift and have been so impressed with the durable functionality of them. they truly are nonstick and survive the daily use and require no real special TLC with the exception of avoiding the dishwasher if possible. they wipe clean with minimal effort.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

i am very much looking forward to a quiet weekend with my boys up at the lake. we are hopfully going to put some finishing touches on the cottage so we can enjoy it the rest of the summer. what are your plans for mothers day. do you have a special tradition? share it with me!

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