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March 18, 2020

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We are day six of keeping ourselves at home until the threat of this virus passes by. I have been binging podcasts while working and Otto plays and finding other ways to pass the time.  I know in my heart of hearts staying home and safe is totally doable and I have enough work to keep me busy until i’m 83 but when I really let my mind go to the point that we might not leave the house for another 2 – 3 weeks it makes my stomach drop a bit. Bottom line we are doing what is best for Otto and his health and for the health of our communities. Never in a million years did I think something this severe would happen but here we are being tested in strength, faith and mental toughness. I know that God is faithful and we will see the other side of this mess but for the time being we have to just hunker down and get through it. I am trying to be optimistic and enjoy the time home and forced rest because when this is behind us, my feet probably won’t hit the pavement.

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Every day I have a 45 minute commute to the “city” and my office so I get in a lot of podcasts during that time. I have been trying to stay caught up and off the news so podcasts are a welcome source of comfort. I limit myself to checking the CDC website at noon and that is about it. Everything else I just don’t trust. I sound like a conspiracy theorist but there is so much false information to navigate that I found it best for my heart and mind to stick with the facts only and listen to the official people much smarter than I navigating this situation. That being said I thought I would share the entire list of all my favorite Podcasts over the years. Some are huge hits and some are brand new.

One that I have been super into lately is called The Dream. It’s all about MLM marketing and is mostly set interviewing people in Owosso, Michigan (about 1.45 min from me). It interviews people who have been successful and who have lost everything and why. It has been a fascinating deep dive on the strategy of MLM companies. Highly recommend that one.

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I just started the dating game killer by wondery and I always love their series. They did Dirty John as well. They tell stories in a way that make you keep wanting to go and go until you’ve finished the last episode and then you’re sad. I have also enjoyed fatal voyage with Princess Diana. There was a lot of facts I didn’t know and conspiracy theories. Of course the case wasn’t solved at the end of the podcast but it was interesting to hear the detectives conclusions.

These are some of my favorites and should take you well into next year to get through. What are your favorites right now?

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